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VWt Issue 85

VWt Magazine is aimed at owners/enthusiast of the Volkswagen Transporter from the T4 model upwards. The magazine includes features about T4s and T5s, product reviews, road tests, shop tours, road trips, Transporter history and reader’s rides. VWt Magazine is all about reader value. Each issue has 100 pages jammed packed with everything anyone would ever need to know about T4s and T5s and costs just £3.95.

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ready for anything

Putting together this issue has been a blast, and it’s really inspired me to get organised and plan some more adventures. And I’m not just talking about fair-weather trips through the summer season, I think it’s time I tried a few more winter road trips, too. Having sweated my way through three countries at the start of August, flicking through the photographs of Carol, Joan and Peter Spencer’s snowy Scottish tour (p96) really struck a chord. Yes, of course it’s lovely to sit around outside your Van with the BBQ on and sun beating down, but perhaps it’s time to try something a little more challenging? This was something I discussed with a few of the team just recently when rain stopped play and we were forced to take cover inside a Van…

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version t6.0

They’re forming a nice habit up at camper_versions in Darwen, Lancashire (www.camperversions. co.uk) of producing high quality conversions that keep their customers happy and, on occasions, even find their way into the pages of this mag. Not to mention coming up with unique products and one-off builds in a marketplace saturated with convertors ready to help you realise your dream. If there’s one person that is living the dream already, however, it’s Graham Radnedge, the owner and entrepreneur behind the success of camper_versions. So, this time around we’re not only going to bring you the lowdown on this latest retro-themed creation to roll out of the company’s fifth incarnation workshop, we’re also going to give you a peak behind the curtains, as it were, to see just what it takes to be at…

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news & products

Forge charge cooler for 180 / 204bhp T6s Stay cool in your T6, and keep your auxiliary component cooling under control with a Forge Motorsport charge cooler radiator. Can be used as a standalone upgrade or with a Stage 1 and above ECU re-map where the additional boost pressure will really feel the benefits of a 50 per cent increase in surface area. Price: £779.99 (p/no. FMCCRAD10) From: www.forgemotorsport.co.uk PICNIC ESSENTIALS AT HERITAGE Everyone likes a picnic, right? All the more if there are chilled drinks and snacks, somewhere to sit and a bottle opener to hand. The good folk at Heritage Parts have perfected al fresco snacking with this range of picnic items endorsed by your favourite Van manufacturer. That’s right, genuine VW camping chairs, bottle openers, thermal flasks and cool bags. How cool? Price: £10.96 bottle opener;…

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happy birthday jk, happy birthday...

VWt: How did JK come into being? MW: I set the company up on my 22nd birthday (1 Sept 1989) because I could not get motor trade insurance at 21! What followed was a succession of, with hindsight, lucky events. As the business grew, I remember moving to the Wrecclesham workshop and thinking we’d have to sub-let 50% out as it was so big, but within a year we’d outgrown the building. VWt: What were the nuttiest things you did over the years? MW: We ran used parts out of a scrapyard in LA to the UK and Europe, shipped NOS parts from the UK to LA and sold them to buy used parts to sell to Mexico. We then turned that local currency into parts from Mexico to ship to the UK…

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in box

Shut that gas! Dear VWt,I’ve recently purchased a T6 conversion and have some questions about disconnecting the gas bottle. I have no idea whether or not it’s safe to leave the gas bottle connected when not in use? If I am not using the hob, do I have to disconnect it? And is it safe to drive the Van without disconnecting the gas bottle? Simon Foster Via email VWt: Ideally Simon, you should disconnect the gas whenever it’s not in use, and certainly if the vehicle is going to be left standing for a while. And you should always disconnect the gas supply when driving (many insurance companies actually insist on this as a term of cover). The photo above shows the aftermath of a gas bottle explosion in a moving vehicle. And yes, that…

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Hey VWt, I was wondering whether or not it’s okay, or legal, to camp in car parks overnight? I’ve never done it myself, and I thought generally speaking it wasn’t the thing to do, but just about every Road trip article I read in VWtand online people seem to be doing it. Adam Travers Via email VWt: The first rule about car park camping Adam is to check for any notices. In particular, do not use coach bays, unless specifically told you can do so. Sometimes, even where overnight parking is allowed, there may still be a ban on sleeping in the vehicle, so check first. The Park4Night app is really handy to have on your ’phone as it tells you where you can park overnight legally, and you can use it while…