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VWt Issue 104

VWt Magazine is aimed at owners/enthusiast of the Volkswagen Transporter from the T4 model upwards. The magazine includes features about T4s and T5s, product reviews, road tests, shop tours, road trips, Transporter history and reader’s rides. VWt Magazine is all about reader value. Each issue has 100 pages jammed packed with everything anyone would ever need to know about T4s and T5s and costs just £3.95.

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ed’s shout

Hello and welcome to issue 104 of VWt, as I write this, it’s the day after the first weekend of the year where it wasn’t chucking it down, freezing cold or even slightly miserable. No, it was sunshine all weekend and nearly dare I say it t-shirt weather. Okay, that may be a tad optimistic for March, but it sure felt good to feel the sun on my face, top up on some much-needed Vitamin D and escape the city to some nearby countryside. Usually it would take more than crap weather to stop me and the family hitting the road in the T6, after all we live in the South West where it seems to be wetter than a submarine’s number plate, so we’re kind of used to it. But,…

9 min
van for life

The demise of the air-cooled VW engine in 1983 was a major moment in the history of the Transporter, but the launch of the front engined Type 2 T4 just seven years later was even bigger. It heralded a brand-new era of Transporter design. Much like its older brothers, the workhorse of the Volkswagen family eventually managed to capture the free spirit and imagination of youth. Although initially designed to haul goods and tools around, the Transporter continues to offer way more than that. It wasn’t until the mid to late 2000s that T4s really found their way from one-man-band traders into the hands of car guys and girls looking to add their custom touch. Since then, the race to have the lowest around has been intense. Even as recently…

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Name: Adam Roberts Age: 32 Occupation: carpenter/owner of Lowdown Transporters Instagram: @ lowdown_transporters First car/van: Mk2f VW Polo Coupe Dream van: An early patina Bay sat sills on the floor Hardest part of the build: Tubbing it on the drive at the beginning of lockdown with no welding experience Favourite modification: Getting it sat lower What lesson learnt from this build would pass on: Torsion bar setups are shit, it’s a pig to get low but one of the best looking vans when slammed so worth it What’s next? Refit my 18” Rotiform WGRs and sort a few little rust spots, then once I can get it in the Lowdown unit we will sit it down sills on the floor…

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top mod: the caraslam

There’s an elephant in the room, and it’s shaped like a caravan! Did you think we’d just leave it out? Hell no - it has its own little bit! Bought on Facebook Marketplace for just £250, the now matt black wobble box was originally pink. It will eventually become the Lowdown Transporter shop at shows and double-up as a mobile podcast studio. As you might expect, it has been lowered. Not only that, it’s on air! Two massive custom A frames have been welded in with the axle raised up with an airbag and the original caravan shocks! The problem is, at the moment it only lifts 4” and the jockey wheel is the only thing stopping it from hitting the ground. The plan is for a 50s diner inspired…

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1994 vw t4 lwb modifications:

Engine: 1.9tdi 1Z Golf (150bhp), custom stainless exhaust, larger intercooler, larger injectors, EGR delete, FMIC, remapped ECU, Ramair induction kit, Golf VR6 clutch Chassis: Notches up front and steering arm notches, rear arm notches, lots of cutting, bigger tubs all round, Slambassador hydraulics kit, standard brakes other than later rear arms so disc conversion, hydro rams, 17” Weller Smoothies 7.5” front 9” rear Exterior: Nato Green, Shark’s mouth graphics, eBay Pop-top, stock body, bay window door mirrors Interior: Custom oak dash with tablet slot and wireless charger, Lowdown Transporters logo CNC routed in and filled with glow in the dark resin, Passat B3 clocks, MFA trip computer, rare Golf indicator and light stalks with MFA button for gauges and cruise control on an OEM early T4 stalk, T2 metal and wood steering wheel,…

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VW LAUNCH QUALIFICATION SCHEME FOR AFTERMARKET CONVERTERS Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has launched a Motorhome Qualification Scheme to give customers extra confidence when buying a converted campervan from the aftermarket. With more people opting for remote staycations due to COVID-19 travel rules, VW recorded a 36% year-on-year increase on its campervan web pages in 2020, and more than 200,000 customers started configuring their dream California and Grand California vans. Similarly, Google search terms for campervans and motorhomes in 2020 were up 53% and 41%, respectively. VW, the only OEM to offer a true factory-built camper with the California and Grand California, has now created the Motorhome Qualification Scheme to ensure high standards are followed by aftermarket converters. The scheme represents the highest standards in the industry, with criteria for inclusion requiring converters to meet National…