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VWt Issue 106

VWt Magazine is aimed at owners/enthusiast of the Volkswagen Transporter from the T4 model upwards. The magazine includes features about T4s and T5s, product reviews, road tests, shop tours, road trips, Transporter history and reader’s rides. VWt Magazine is all about reader value. Each issue has 100 pages jammed packed with everything anyone would ever need to know about T4s and T5s and costs just £3.95.

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United Kingdom
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ed’s shout

Hello and welcome to issue 106 of VWt. First off, we have a bit of a confession to make. Last issue we said we were going to treat you to a larger 116-page issue, well we lied. Yep, it’s 132-pages as we got a bit carried away. But hey, we’re sure you don’t mind. Our plan for this issue was to celebrate the end of Lockdown, the start of summer and what we are calling ‘The Great Escape’. But, we’re not just talking about escaping the chains of Lockdown, but also escaping the other stresses and strains of life and focusing in on what’s really important. I think it’s fair to say us van folk are a different breed, and we live for adventure, escapism and the little things a bit…

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triple hit

The breath-taking Cheddar Gorge in Somerset provides the perfect backdrop for this challenge, with some precipitation only adding to the atmospheric vibe of the stunning pictures. As the restrictions on our daily lives begin to ease, the flow of these roads like rivers meandering through this incredible natural landmark are just too much to resist. Throw in a trio of tuned T6 TSI Transporters and, if you’re not already reaching for your keys well, then you probably don’t have any! To get under the skin of this 900bhp plus star-studded cast, let’s break it down into three short episodes. We’ll call them The Brown One, The Blue One and The Black One, after all, we’re all friends here, right? First, a quick overview. What you’re looking at is essentially the playthings…

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hello gorgeous

The Gorge and Cheddar are famous for more things than just cheese you know, it’s also where Britain’s oldest complete human skeleton was found. Known as the ‘Cheddar Man’ (no he’s not made from cheese), he’s estimated to be over 9,000 years old and was found in 1903. Rumours that he was in the same year at school as our senile... sorry we mean senior designer G are unfounded. As for the famous Gorge, it was formed by meltwater floods during the cold periglacial periods which have occurred over the last 1.2 million years. The maximum depth of the gorge is 449 ft with a near-vertical cliff-face to the south, and steep grassy slopes to the north. The B3135 (Cliff Road) road runs through The Gorge and is a must drive…

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2018 vw t6 lwb (the black one)

MODIFICATIONS: Engine: Tuned 2.0 TSI (204) DSG, Ecotuning remap 292hp/465nm, Forge Intercooler, Samco hoses, K&N panel filter, Infinity Stainless Steel Exhaust Chassis: Airlift air ride management, ABP bags and struts, Five gallon tank, 20” Axe EX15 staggered wheels Exterior: Sportline body kit Interior: Electric twin sliders and tailgate, one piece black and silver suede headlining, Caravelle seating trimmed in Nappa leather with suede inserts, Caravelle door cards including sliders, Comfort dash, Flat-bottom steering wheel Audio: VW Discover media unit, Hertz 3-ways front and back, Two Hertz 10” subs, Two Hertz amps…

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70 YEARS OF THE SAMBA It’s April 19th, 1951 and the Frankfurt Motor Show opens its doors for the first time after the war. Volkswagen takes full advantage of the opportunity and presents its new vehicles on a breath-taking super-size stand. On it, Volkswagen builds a partial copy of the Beetle assembly line, and an unprecedented, almost surreal lighting installation has visitors spell-bound. The highlight though, is the world premiere of a Volkswagen called rather plainly the VW ‘Special Version’ minibus. Yet, the differences between it and the standard version are anything other than plain. On the outside the classy minibus is resplendent in harmonious two-tone paintwork with an attractive aluminium trim and front bumper. All-round windows, including ‘skylights’, make the Bulli with 23 windows a ‘Glazed Sightseeing Bus’. In keeping with that,…

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vwt social club

DADDY COOL Hi VWt, This is my dad Russ, with his pride and joy Tommy - we call the T5 ‘Tommy’ as he is part of the family. Tommy has seen many happy days by the sea, family outings and picnics. Russ is an amazing husband, dad to his three daughters and an amazing Bear to his eight grandchildren. I’m unsure if it’s fancy enough for VWt, but he would be so chuffed if you could print a few photos and I know it would make his day. Debbie Marshall via email VWt: Hey Debbie, it would be our pleasure to make your dad’s day, anything for a loyal VWt reader! T4 FOR LIFE Hey there VWt , I love the tech and practicality of newer vans, but for me they don’t have the personality…