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VWt Issue 109

VWt Magazine is aimed at owners/enthusiast of the Volkswagen Transporter from the T4 model upwards. The magazine includes features about T4s and T5s, product reviews, road tests, shop tours, road trips, Transporter history and reader’s rides. VWt Magazine is all about reader value. Each issue has 100 pages jammed packed with everything anyone would ever need to know about T4s and T5s and costs just £3.95.

United Kingdom
Kelsey Publishing Group
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ed’s shout

Hello and welcome to issue 109 of VWt. If you read the tabloids or watch the news it would be easy to assume we reside in conflict-ridden times. It seems not a week passes by where there isn’t some mention of war breaking out with North Korea or Russia, heated debates about the aftermath of Brexit, Covid-19 or some MP blaming the state of, well just about everything on anyone from abroad. However, when it comes to the global Transporter, van and camper community there seems to be very little politics. Sure, there’s the occasional bit of arguing online, but on the whole people respect each other’s countries, their values and their vans. Even when it may be a style or ethos that isn’t to their taste. I’ve been jammy enough…

8 min
a little pick-me-up

Now, I have to admit to a little excitement when the photos dropped online from this build. I’ve said it before, but despite owning T4s and 5s in the past, I’m more of an air-cooled/classic guy at heart. This being said, I’m just a little bit potty about pick-up trucks; I’ve owned several Split and Bay versions, as well as Chevy and GMC and my current ’77 Toyota (but we won’t talk about that). The arrival of the T6.1 front end, though, has renewed my enthusiasm to the point that I’ve toyed with building a facelifted T5 pick-up more than once recently (I like the older tech). And then this vans drops at my feet; a sign, maybe? Going back to square one on a finished build is not for the…

1 min
pastel inspiration

If you’re into this look and want to get some further inspo for your own build, you could do worse than to find the Facebook group “Custom VWs of the 80s and 90s”. It’s somewhere I spend a lot of time, as I was into the VW scene back then and loved the pastel paint builds. Also, track down a copy of the book Air-Cooled Volkswagens by Colin Burnham; I’m on my second copy, having worn out the first one in about 1989. Be warned though, it’ll make you want a pastel-coloured Beetle! It’s great to see this look making it through to the modern van scene though.…

1 min
top mod: front end

You probably thought I was going to say the pink coloured Alcantara, didn’t you? But no. For me, it’s the commercial spec 6.1 front end treatment that makes (or breaks) this build. In fact, I wouldn’t be interested in it if it lacked the 6.1 front; I feel it’s a game-changer for these vans and, as I hinted earlier, it’s renewed my enthusiasm for the T5/ T6 platform. Commercials should have commercial-spec fronts too; a windowed van would look better colour coded, but for a non-metallic panel van or truck it just has to be commercial-spec.…

1 min
pickup 2006 vw t5 single cab modifications

Engine: Forge hoses & remap for the Forge intercooler Chassis: 20’ Navis Twin 5 split rims (x8.5” front x10” rear), 235/35/20 tyres, chassis notched for driveshaft clearance, raised subframe by DropWorks Jack, custom engine mounts by Darkside Dave, ACU and airbox raise, Lowdown Transporters air ride kit with THQ SoLow struts, quiet 458 dual compressors Exterior: T6.1 commercial front end with THQ lower lip spoiler, T6.1 LED side repeaters and fog lamps, full Salmon Pink repaint by Paintworx, black painted bed with dark decking slats and stainless side-exit exhausts by Jack’s Shack. Interior: Full-custom Rose Pink and Dark Grey genuine Alcantara retrim by Neil at Hadley Trim, including smoothed 6.1 steering wheel with 2021 airbag, 6.1 front seats trimmed in Salmon plaid, smoothed door cards and dash also trimmed in Alcantara, seat belts…

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