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roll up for the mystery tor

Warning: this magazine contains strong language, flashing images and scenes you may find disturbing. I’m joking – it’s all good, clean fun as usual! I just wanted to preempt any concerns you may have after seeing the word ‘Tor’ on the cover. The Onion Router, to give the software its full name, has a shady reputation but its creators claim only 3% of Tor traffic involves nefarious activities ( bit.ly/tor432 ). As we explain in our cover feature on page 40, Tor has many benefits: it lets you browse the web anonymously, securely and without restrictions, and you won’t be exposed to unpleasant content unless you expressly seek it out. Also in this issue, I’m delighted to unveil our new TV-streaming section, What to Watch Online, which rounds up the cream…

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what’s new online

Predict the price of train tickets We’ve all been there – you check the price of a train ticket only to go back the next day and find it’s shot up. A new tool from ticket-booking company Trainline provides a solution to this problem by letting you predict how much the cost of your journey will rise By analysing price trends from billions of customer searches, the Price Prediction feature not only tells you the price of your Advance ticket now, but how it is likely to increase in the future. If you’re organising travel well in advance, the Trainline app lets you know how long you have to decide before the price rises. Train tickets tend to be released 12 weeks before the travel date, and become more expensive as that date…

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apple launches its most expensive iphone yet

What happened? Following leaks to the press by a “disgruntled employee”, Apple announced its latest iPhones at a highly anticipated launch event. Much of the attention focused on the price of the iPhone X (or 10) which, at $1,000, makes it Apple’s most expensive phone yet. While UK pricing had yet to be confirmed as we went to press, it’s believed it could cost as much as £1,000. As well as the iPhone X, which marks 10 years of the company’s groundbreaking phone; Apple is set to release the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, along with an updated operating system, iOS 11. Rumours have been rife and suggest that the phones will be all glass, feature updated cameras and have 3D facial recognition for security and for creating animated emoji. The…

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first look

Sony LF-S50G bit.ly/sony432 Every tech manufacturer seems to be releasing a smart speaker this year, and the latest is Sony’s LF-S50G Bluetooth speaker. Announced at the IFA 2017 trade show in Berlin, this compact and stylish Google Assistant-enabled device will cost £200 when it’s released in November. The device echoes the design of Apple’s own Siri-powered HomePod smart speaker: it’s cylindrical in shape, measuring little more than 162mm in height, and has a circumference of 110mm. Hidden beneath its mesh exterior, an LED screen displays the time, which can be dimmed or turned off as required. The LF-S50G matches Google Home for features – open your command by saying “OK Google” and it will answer your queries, control your smart devices and play music and radio. The only feature missing is Spotify Connect but,…

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is google buying htc?

After several difficult years, consumer-electronics company HTC is now rumoured to be in the process of selling its phone business to Google. Despite being the contract manufacturer for Google’s Pixel line of phones, HTC hasn’t been very successful of late. In fact, the company has had a terrible few years, with sales falling more than 54% over the past 12 months alone. Back in 2015, the firm’s share price fell below its market valuation, essentially confirming that from an investor point of view, it was worthless. Since then, things have shown no signs of improving. The company, which was once a dominant force among Android device manufacturers, is now only a fringe player, and it appears as though its owners may finally throw in the towel by selling to Google. Sources claim…

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what’s new on kickstarter

Magphone bit.ly/magphone432 | From £10 Finding a safe spot for your phone while travelling, cooking or relaxing may be a first-world problem but that doesn’t make the Magphone any less of a terrific idea. This portable phone holder uses magnets to secure your handset to its dock and lets you position it at any angle you like. Just slip the supplied metal plate between your phone and case to magnetically place your device on any flat surface. There’s also a MagDisc dock that lets you stick your phone to your car’s dashboard. The team hopes to raise £20,000 for the project by 10 October.…