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bring your wi-fi up to speed

I’m always amused when people rename their Wi-Fi networks as something more interesting than the default of, say, SKY656G4 or BTHub3-4TRW. My favourite examples include: ‘Tell My Wi-Fi Love Her’, ‘I’m Brian And So’s My Wi-Fi’ and ‘Mum Use This One’. Still, it doesn’t matter what you nickname your router if the thing ain’t got that zing, which is why we’ve dedicated this issue’s cover feature (page 40) to speeding up your Wi-Fi, both around your home and when you’re on the move. From creating a heat map of your house to preventing interference and reducing your data usage when you connect via 3G, we’ve got all the tips you need to download and stream quickly and efficiently – wherever you are, and no matter what device you’re using. Also in this…

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what’s new online

Interact with the Physical Web Tales of the Park is an interactive map showing the location of 15 3D-printed creatures dotted around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, including bats, otters and bees. There’s a clever twist if you visit in person, because if you follow the site’s instructions to set up the Physical Web on your phone, you can engage with the creatures as you get near them. The Physical Web is a Google project that uses Bluetooth to extend the web to everyday objects. Each creature contains a low-energy Bluetooth beacon that broadcasts its presence and sends your phone a notification when you wander past, inviting you to chat. The creatures use chatbots to hold conversations and the map tells you what they like to discuss. Moonlight the Bat,…

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ccleaner update infects millions of users with malware

What happened? Malware hidden in the clean-up tool CCleaner was discovered to be targeting tech giants including Microsoft, Google and Samsung. The malware was spotted by security firms Avast and Cisco, who noticed malicious code hiding in updates to CCleaner, the popular free program that helps boost your system’s performance by clearing unwanted junk from your PC. The dodgy code infected 2.3 million computers and could have been used to take control of those machines, stealing and leaking details such as IP addresses and network details. Although that sounds serious, antivirus company Avast – which now owns Piriform, the developer of CCleaner – said there was no need to worry because the criminals behind the malware didn’t appear to be exploiting the infections before the problem was spotted and cleaned up. Subsequent investigations…

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first look

Fitbit Ionic www.fitbit.com/uk/ionic Fitbit’s Ionic is the company’s first stab at a proper smartwatch. No stranger to wearables, its previous devices such as the Fitbit Blaze have all been more akin to fitness trackers than smartwatches. As with previous Fitbit devices, the Ionic’s main module can be attached to a range of different straps. It comes with an impressive feature list including built-in Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC for contactless payments and Bluetooth for connecting to other devices. Its new SpO2 monitor, which tracks blood oxygen levels, is another standout feature, alerting users to sleep apnea as well as offering more advanced insights into your workout. Like the more expensive Fitbit fitness trackers, the Ionic also offers constant heart-rate monitoring. The Ionic provides 2.5GB of onboard storage – enough space for roughly 300 songs – and it’ll…

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will facebook track us on the high street?

Most Facebook users know about how the social network’s targeted advertising works – you look in an online store for a certain item and, minutes later, an advert for that very product pops up on your screen. Now it’s rumoured that Facebook plans to start tracking the shops you visit in real life, too. Facebook has brought in new tools for advertisers that tell businesses whether you’ve been to one of their high-street shops – if you share your location services with the app, that is. Some of the companies already involved in this scheme include US department store Macy’s and fast-food chain KFC. “We recently partnered with Facebook to activate their offline conversions solution to drive in-store sales,” said Tessa Kavanaugh, director of social and emerging platforms at Macy’s. “We are…

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what’s new on kickstarter

Drim Drum bit.ly/drim433 | From £45 Sitting in front of a screen all day, whether it’s your PC, phone or TV, can lead to back pain and leg cramps, so why not improve your posture with a Drim Drum? Created by a physiotherapist, this exercise device loosens your lower back muscles and strengthens your spine, and it “only takes two minutes a day to feel the difference!”. Available in two colours and sizes, so you can choose the correct one for your weight, Drim Drum also comes with a how-to training video to guide you through 10 back exercises. The project has already raised £4,000 of its £14,000 goal. Funding closes on 20 October.…