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kodi’s still alive and streaming

“Could Kodi be dead by the end of the year?” asked the Herald in March. “Is this the final blow for Kodi?” screamed the Mail in June. “End of Kodi?” pondered the Express in September. What a year it’s been for speculation and misinformation about a name that few newspapers had even heard of 12 months ago. Legal trouble soon changed that, as dodgy add-ons, pirated streams and criminals flogging ‘fully loaded’ boxes threatened to ‘kill’ Kodi and ruin the media-streaming platform for its millions of loyal, law-abiding users. In this issue’s cover feature, we confirm that Kodi is very much alive, with an exciting new version – named after the late Carrie Fisher – due for release and plenty of brilliant legal add-ons to entertain you. We reveal our favourite…

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what’s new online

Uncover secrets of the Solar System Just over 20 years ago, the Cassini-Huygens mission – a collaboration between NASA, the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency – sent a probe to study Saturn. Over two decades, the probe sent back close to 500,000 images of the Solar System and, thanks to scientists piecing them together, you can now see space in all its glory via your browser. There are 16 planets, moons and dwarf planets to explore, because Google Maps has supplemented Cassini’s pictorial gems with images snapped from other missions. In each case, you can pick a celestial body, zoom in and out, tilt the view and get a good all-round look at the various aspects of our galaxy. You can also climb aboard the International Space Station and…

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wi-fi flaw leaves nearly every device vulnerable

What happened? A far-reaching flaw in the security system that protects Wi-Fi connections has had the security industry scrambling for a solution, but there’s no reason for the rest of us to panic just yet. The KRACK flaw – which stands for Key Reinstallation Attack – affects Wi-Fi networks using the WPA2 security protocol and was discovered by Mathy Vanhoef, a researcher at Belgian university KU Leuven. When your phone, laptop or other device tries to connect to a wireless access point, such as a router, the two devices carry out a secret handshake to verify identities and encrypt the data being sent. The KRACK flaw potentially allows a skilled hacker to reset and rewatch that handshake, making it easier to guess, leaving your web browsing, messages and anything else you do online…

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first look

Xbox One X bit.ly/onex435 Microsoft is pitching its new Xbox One X as the world’s most powerful games console. It’s effectively a souped-up version of the Xbox One aimed at gamers with 4K TVs and deep pockets. It will be released on November 7 and cost £449.99, which is £100 more than its closest rival – the PlayStation 4 Pro. The new console’s design differs only marginally from that of the Xbox One S: it’s black rather than white; the optical disc slot has moved a bit; and the USB port and infrared receiver have swapped sides. It’s also fractionally bigger. However, the Xbox One X significantly out-punches its rival in hardware specifications. It’s capable of running at 6 teraflops, compared with the PS4 Pro’s 4.2, and is equipped with an octa-core 2.3GHz processor…

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what’s new on kickstarter

Beacon Helmet bit.ly/beacon435 | From £125 As the nights draw in, the roads become more dangerous for cyclists. Beacon Helmet aims to increase cycling safety and prevent ‘blind-spot’ accidents with a helmet that projects a bicycle-shaped laser image 5-12m in front of the cyclist. It also tackles dangerous overtaking by using side lasers to show the minimal (or legal) space around the cyclist that drivers should observe. The helmet is weather-resistant; offers brake and indicator lights; and features two speakers for voice navigation or music. The team hopes to raise £60,000 by 5 December.…

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is broadband going to get 30 times faster?

A recent report found that the UK ranks 31st in the world for broadband, with average download speeds of only 16.5Mbps – only a little faster than the average 4G connection. However, this could be about to change because Researchers at University College London have developed new hardware that “provides consistently high-speed broadband... at more than 10,000 megabits-per-second (Mbps)”. The UK’s consumer networks or ‘optical access networks’ currently require customers to share bandwidth and although the technology is cheap to run, it is not fit to meet future broadband needs. In fibre-optic networks, data is transferred using different wavelengths – or colours – of light. To avoid customers having to share bandwidth, service providers would need to dedicate a wavelength to each customer. This is made possible with highly sensitive hardware known…