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prepare your machine for 2018

There’s still a month to go until the end of 2017, but I think we can agree that it’s not been a vintage year – crippling cyber-attacks, devastating hurricanes, global political tensions and a disappointing John Lewis Christmas ad – so let’s look to the future instead! 2018 will bring the 21st Commonwealth games, the first ‘space tourist’ flight to the moon and more free software than you can shake a mouse at. Although Web User won’t be jumping any hurdles or piloting spacecraft, we will be downloading plenty of programs – and we’ve made a head start in this issue’s cover feature. Our official software supremo, Wayne Williams, has handpicked 10 terrific tools to see you through the next 12 months, from a speedy system cleaner to a marvellous media…

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what’s new online

Enhance lo-res photos for free Rather than fiddle around with photo-editing software, try dropping your low-resolution images into Let’s Enhance instead. This new online tool uses neural networks to upscale the resolution of your JPEGs by four times, producing images that should be noticeably sharper, crisper and more life-like. It does this by drawing on previous data, which means it should get better with age. The artificial intelligence certainly takes the hard work out of fixing your images. Once they have been processed, it offers three filters. ‘Anti-JPEG’ doesn’t seem to do much but ‘Boring’ upscales the image, ensuring that the details and edges of the original remain intact. ‘Magic’ fills in the missing details, drawing on the AI to make educated ‘guesses’ as to what should go where. In practice, some of…

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cybercriminals could kill millions by hacking cars

What happened? An American academic has warned that any car built since 2005 is at risk of being hacked because the technology used by vehicles isn’t being updated. Justin Cappos, a computer scientist at New York University, told the Times that hackers may already be targeting cars without us knowing it. Cars are increasingly controlled by electronic components, and Cappos noted that hackers can easily stop brakes or turn power steering wheels with little effort. Cappos’ warning isn’t the first. Security researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek – both of whom now work for Uber – notoriously took over a Jeep Cherokee’s brakes and accelerator while inside the vehicle and travelling at high speed. More than a million cars were recalled in the wake of the research. However, while Miller and Valasek required access…

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first look

Sky Soundbox bit.ly/soundbox437 As far as TV speakers go, the Sky Soundbox is a bit of an oddity. It’s not slim or long enough to be a soundbar, yet it isn’t wide enough to be a sound base, either. If your TV is stood on a surface and you want to place the Soundbox in front of it, this could be a problem. It was certainly a problem in our living room, where the speaker blocked a significant portion of the lower part of the screen, forcing us to move it down to a lower shelf. You can’t wall-mount it either, so it’s not designed for a ‘floating’ setup. The rest of the Soundbox’s features are a bit of a mixed bag. It has only one HDMI output, so connectivity is a bit…

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does facebook want us to upload nude selfies?

Facebook is reportedly asking users in Australia to send it nude photos of themselves, as part of a new effort to combat ‘revenge porn’ – non-consensual sharing of intimate images, usually by a former partner. If a user is worried that intimate photos may be shared online against their will, they can use Facebook Messenger to have the images turned into a “hash”. This is a unique digital fingerprint that can be used to identify and therefore prevent any other attempts to upload the image on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. Up to now, Facebook users have been told to report images to the company’s “specially trained representatives”. The image is taken down if it violates Facebook’s terms and conditions, and photo-matching techniques are used to prevent the image from being uploaded again. This…

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what’s new on kickstarter

Pholio bit.ly/pholio437 | From £199 If you have thousands of photos and videos spread over different devices and services, Pholio can gather them together so you can manage them in one place. Connect the “intelligent box” to your wireless network and it gathers all your media files and indexes them using visual-recognition technology, which makes finding specific images a breeze. Pholio’s 500GB of secure storage lets you save photos at their original resolution or smaller, and it can recognise and classify faces, objects and scenes. The Pholio team hopes to raise £95,653 by 9 December.…