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yule never be yourself again

Poor Father Christmas! Not only does his long night of globetrotting consist of intense, unpaid labour, but people can’t even decide what to call him: Santa Claus in America, Grandfather Frost in Russia and Yule Goat in Finland – so many different guises to adopt as he dishes out gifts. Still, there are advantages to adapting your personality based on where you are – in Norway he gets a bowl of hot rice pudding, while Australians give him a nice cold beer. As we explain in this issue’s cover feature, there are benefits to changing your identity online, too, even if just means adopting a pseudonym, using a disposable email address or disguising your real location. Not only does withholding personal data protect you from spammers, scammers and advertisers, but it…

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what’s new online

Track Santa’s round-the-world trek To deliver all our presents, Father Christmas has to fly for 34 hours non-stop around the globe at 2,924,100mph. It’s quite some feat, as you can imagine, but you can keep a close eye on the bearded one as he makes his mammoth annual journey by checking out not one but two amazing Santa trackers. The first is the Official NORAD Santa Tracker which follows a tradition going back 62 years. Created by the North American Defence Command, the tracking part kicks in on Christmas Eve. But in the meantime, it invites you to explore the North Pole, where you can watch movies about Santa and NORAD, check out the library to learn about holiday traditions and play a new game every day. There’s even a selection of…

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need to know

UK government warned against using Russian antivirus software What happened? The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC, www.ncsc.gov.uk) has warned government officials about using Russian-made security software on their PCs, namely Kaspersky Labs’ antivirus, amid concerns that the Russian government will use the company’s software to spy on rivals. There have long been questions surrounding Kaspersky’s security software, not because of anything suspicious spotted in the code, but because of the company’s Moscow headquarters and its founder Eugene Kaspersky’s career in the Soviet military intelligence services. US government officials recently issued warnings, advising their own departments to avoid Russian-made antivirus, while US-based tech retailer Best Buy went as far as pulling Kaspersky’s software from its shelves. NSA files were reportedly extracted by Kaspersky antivirus after a contractor for the American spying agency brought their…

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first look

Google Pixel Buds bit.ly/pixel438 Using Google’s Pixel Buds sometimes feels like gazing into the future. When you press your ear, ask how to say something in Russian and Google Assistant chirps back a phrase, it’s hard not to be impressed. However, the trouble with things feeling like the future is that, by definition, they’re demonstrably not cut out for the present, which is the case with Pixel Buds – at least in their current form. The design of these wireless earbuds is inoffensive enough, but they’re on the chunky side and built from hard plastic. They also sit on the outside of your ears rather than being properly inserted and this leads to soreness after an hour or so of use. On the plus side, the sound quality is surprisingly good and audible over…

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is the bitcoin bubble about to burst?

The value of Bitcoin has reached an all-time high – more than $11,395 (£8,443) a piece – prompting some commentators to predict the beginning of the end for the cryptocurrency. At its current trajectory, Bitcoin may well hit $12,000 (£8,890) before 2018. However, the bigger the bubble grows, the higher the likelihood it will burst. In September, after Bitcoin soared beyond the then record-breaking $5,000, the cryptocurrency dropped by more than 16% from its peak. This also follows the collapse of Bitcoin2X, a new cryptocurrency created from the original Bitcoin blockchain and Bitcoin technology. In September, China outlawed initial coin offerings (ICOs), stating that they have “seriously disrupted the economic and financial order”. As part of this ban, China also ordered all ICOs to return funds to investors, creating instability around how…

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what’s new on kickstarter

Novo bit.ly/novo438 | From £45 Smart thermostats let you control the heating in your home remotely, but you can’t set different temperatures for each room. The Novo smart radiator valve solves this by letting you control the temperature and humidity of each room individually. Simply attach the valve to a radiator and use the Novo app to adjust the heat, set timers, calculate your energy spend and more. The valves link with their other smart devices via the supplied Novo SuperHub and harvest heat energy to recharge internal batteries. The Novo team has already far exceeded its £25,000 target.…