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make browsing more arousing

Back in the days of Windows 98, I knew several people who referred to Internet Explorer as “the blue E”, never wondering or caring what the browser was actually called – or even that it was called a browser. I’m sure that Web User readers know if they use Chrome, Firefox, Edge or whatever, but when was the last time you pondered if you’d made the right choice? In this issue’s cover feature, we compare 10 of the most popular Desktop browsers (for Windows – sorry, Safari fans!) to see what each has to offer, and we think you’ll be surprised by their various strengths and weaknesses. Some browsers respect your privacy, for example, while others are called Google Chrome! We don’t expect you to read our reviews and uninstall Edge…

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what’s new online

Create a thread-based tweetstorm Twitter recently extended the number of characters you can use in a tweet from 140 to 280, but sometimes you need even more room to make your point. One way to do this is to create a thread by continuing to reply to your own tweet until you’ve got everything off your chest. The main problem with this, however, is that other people replying to your tweets will interrupt the sequence, making your train of thought difficult to follow. To help, Twitter has introduced an official ‘threads’ feature which keeps these tweets together, thereby making them easier to read as a whole. It has done this by adding a plus (+) button whenever you start a new tweet. Selecting this opens up another tweet-composing box, allowing you to…

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need to know

Apple faces legal action for slowing old iPhones What happened? Apple has admitted that it slowed the performance of older iPhones in order to preserve battery life, but failed to warn users and now faces legal action. The lithium-ion batteries that power most phone batteries eventually wear out, usually around the two-year mark, although this depends on a host of factors including how many times the phone has been recharged and even the temperature where you live. That doesn’t mean these batteries entirely fail, but they don’t work as efficiently. Some iPhones have been known to crash during peak power usage, such as when launching apps, so Apple came up with its own solution, rolling out an update to iOS, the operating system that runs iPhones. This update adjusted the code to better manage…

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first look

Garmin Vivoactive 3 bit.ly/garmin440 The Garmin Vivoactive 3 is a fitness wearable that you’ll never want to take off. You can wear it when exercising, but also while you’re going about your normal daily activity, walking around the house, to and from the shops, and while you’re sleeping. It can be used to track swims as well as runs, bike rides and gym sessions, plus it delivers notifications like a proper smartwatch – a job it is surprisingly good at. It’s not quite a smartwatch in the sense of an Android Wear or Apple Watch, because the number of apps that can be installed isn’t as broad. Think of it instead as a wearable that bridges the gap between a fitness device and a smartwatch. Priced at £270, the Vivoactive is more expensive than…

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will chrome start blocking online ads?

The rumour that Google plans to introduce ad-blocking functionality in its browser, Chrome, has been doing the rounds for a while, though details as to why, how and when were scarce. Now, the internet giant has announced that its new ad-blocking policy will be enacted from 15 February – well, sort of. The feature will be built into Chrome, automatically without the need for third-party tools, which have rocketed in popularity in recent years. The policy will only apply to repeat offenders; a lone low-quality ad isn’t sufficient for Google to come down on the culpable website. Google is already part of the ‘Acceptable Ads’ scheme offered by Adblock Plus, which allows some ads to be displayed – for a fee. Developing its own ad-blocking feature is going one step further, however.…

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what’s new on kickstarter

Zanco Tiny t1 bit.ly/zanco440 | From £30 The Zanco Tiny t1 bucks the trend toward ever-bigger smartphones. Described as the “world’s smallest phone”, this miniature mobile measures a mere 46.7 x 21mm and weighs only 13g. This makes it easy to slip into any garment when you need to travel light, and to keep as a backup or emergency phone. It operates on the 2G network, stores up to 50 text messages and 300 contacts, and offers three days of standby and 180 minutes talk time. The Zanco team looks set to smash its target of £25,000 by 18 January.…