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google’s latest hits and misses

Google is so ubiquitous, it’s easy to forget that not everything the search king touches turns to gold. Notable flops include 3D-chat program Lively, real-time collaboration tool Wave and useless social network Buzz, as well as the sinister spying spectacles, Google Glass. I mention these duds not to mock a multi-billion-pound company but to suggest that Google’s constant drive to innovate makes the occasional disappointment inevitable. In this issue’s cover feature, we round up Google’s hits and misses from the past six months, revealing the latest and greatest tools in its products and services, while highlighting its blunders and less popular decisions. Considering that Google is rarely out of the news, we certainly had plenty to choose from, including welcome improvements to Maps, Drive and Calendar. What’s new from Web User…

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what’s new online

Use Microsoft Paint in your browser When Microsoft announced plans to replace its 32-year-old image editor Paint with a 3D version, loyal users were understandably up in arms, fearing the loss of a simple but fun way to flex their artistic muscles. So when the company decided to keep Paint, there was a collective sigh of relief. A new web-based remake of the program means we may not get so upset in future. Closely resembling the Windows 95 version, JSPaint works in any browser and looks instantly familiar to anyone who has used the image editor on an older operating system. There’s a colour palette at the bottom of the screen, editing tools can be accessed in the left-hand sidebar and a host of menus are ranged across the top. You can manipulate…

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malicious youtube ads use viewers’ pcs to mine coins

What happened? You may not own any Bitcoin, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t been caught up in the mania surrounding the cryptocurrency. As the price of Bitcoin continued to hit new highs, some web users noticed that their antivirus software was highlighting specific adverts as malicious because they contained hidden coin miners – including ads displayed by YouTube. Currency such as Bitcoin is digitally ‘mined’ – a process that limits how many coins are in circulation to manage its value. Every time a coin is successfully mined, the effort required to mine the next coin goes up, which means it uses more processing power and electricity. In this case, malicious adverts were exploiting YouTube visitors’ computers to run mining software, eating up 80% of their processing power, which not only slowed down…

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first look

Amazon Echo Spot bit.ly/spot442 At the end of last year, Amazon launched a slew of voice-controlled devices in the UK, including the Echo 2, Echo Plus and Echo Show – but, notably, not the Echo Spot. Now, this compact smart speaker, which has been available in the US since September, is finally on sale over here. The Echo Spot is the fifth speaker in Amazon’s Echo range and, like the Echo Show, which we reviewed last issue, it comes with a touchscreen (2.5in and circular, compared to the Show’s standard 7in display). However, it’s smaller (about the size of an orange), spherical and cheaper, costing just £120 for one and £200 for a twin pack, whereas the Echo Show is priced at £200. The Spot has a VGA camera so you can conduct video…

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is amazon raising the price of prime?

Amazon has announced a price rise for its Prime subscription service in the US, prompting speculation that it’s also set to get more expensive in the UK. The price of a monthly Amazon Prime membership for new members is going up from $10.99 to $12.99, and the price of the discounted Amazon Prime Student monthly plan for new sign-ups is rising from $5.49 to $6.49, as of 19 January 2018. Existing monthly Prime and Prime Student members won’t pay the new price for renewals until after 18 February. The price rise only affects monthly prices, so annual prices for Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime Student memberships are staying at $99 and $49 respectively. The cost of a separate Prime Video membership is $8.99 a month. More information about the rises can be found…

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WE LIKE... Tor gets even more secure Tor has updated its browser to fix several security vulnerabilities, add support for new ‘onion’ services and offer more help for first-time users. This includes advice about configuring proxy options to ensure you stay anonymous online. 512GB memory card released British firm Integral has released the world’s biggest microSD card, with a total storage capacity of 512GB. The new card surpasses previous record holder, SanDisk, which claimed the title last year with a 400GB model. WE DON’T LIKE... Google geo-restricts ‘art selfies’ A brilliant new ‘selfie’ feature in Google’s Arts & Culture app matches your face with people in paintings from galleries and museums around the world. However, it’s currently not available in the UK and many other countries. We want it now! Intel’s U-turn over chip patches Intel has warned that…