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beyond your wildest streams

Pop quiz: what do YouTube, iPlayer and Netflix have in common? Give yourself a point if you answered that they’re all video-streaming services; two points for noticing they all have seven letters; and three points for agreeing that while they all offer lots of great stuff to watch, they can also be frustrating at times. No points for observing that they’re all on this issue’s cover, because we can see that a few inches below! From YouTube clips that are “not available in your country” to the BBC blocking your access from abroad when you’ve just paid £150 for your TV licence, there are plenty of unfair restrictions on your viewing, as well as annoyances such as Netflix’s clunky interface. In our cover feature, we explain how to get around common…

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what’s new online

Play 60 classic handheld games Before the Nintendo Game Boy dominated the handheldgames market, battery-operated LCD games were all the rage. Their graphics were basic and you couldn’t change the game, but they were inexpensive, portable and provided lots of addictive fun while you were out and about. To celebrate those games and ensure they’re not lost to the ravages of time, the Internet Archive has made 60 of them available to play online. The selection includes digital versions of LCD, LED and Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) machines, accompanied by historical backgrounds, instructions and scans of the original manuals. In some cases, the developers have torn apart the original devices to recreate the static backgrounds built into many of them. But it means the emulations are as faithful as possible. Among the games…

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new voice commands

Solve a murder Whodunnit? That’s for you to find out in this game for Google Assistant. Say, “Hey Google, talk to Grilled Murder Mystery” to start the mystery and question the suspects. Make bank transfers First Direct bank customers can make payments to contacts and existing payees using Apple’s voice assistant. Just say, “Siri, pay [David] £20 with First Direct” and confirm using TouchID or FaceID. Don’t say “Alexa” Tired of saying “Alexa” every time you want to perform a task? Switch on Follow-Up Mode for your device in the Alexa app’s Settings, and Alexa will wait five seconds for another query after each response.…

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need to know

Facebook promises changes following huge data scandal What happened? There have been plenty of data privacy scandals in recent years, but none quite like this: a pink-haired whistleblower, a Russian academic and claims of election fixing have made headlines across the world – and Facebook is at the centre of it all. Cambridge Analytica is a campaign consultancy that specialises in using data to influence voters. Data science has legitimate applications in election campaigns, but Cambridge Analytica is accused of illegally harvesting data from Facebook users to target individuals with personalised political messages while hiding its allegiance, thus creating – as whistleblower and former CA staffer Chris Wiley put it – a “psychological warfare tool”. Facebook was made aware of the ‘breach’ back in 2015, but reports suggest it merely sent a letter to…

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first look

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ www.raspberrypi.org The latest hardware refresh of everyone’s favourite micro-computer isn’t a drastic overhaul: as the (increasingly unwieldy) name implies, it’s instead an updated version of the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, originally released in February 2016. The changes are all for the better, though. The processor is faster than ever before, and the Wi-Fi controller now supports dual-band 802.11ac, which is a big step up from the 2.4GHz-only 802.11n provision of its predecessor. The Ethernet port gets a boost, too, to 300Mbps. To say that the new B+ isn’t much to look at would be an understatement. As usual, it comes as a bare board and retains the same basic layout as every Pi since 2014’s original Model B+, with a full-sized HDMI connector, four USB 2 ports and…

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will google play start showing video ads?

No sooner has Google introduced a built-in ad blocker in Chrome – albeit not a very effective one – than reports suggest that it plans to start showing video adverts for games on its Play store. Google says it will roll out a beta for these ads “over the next few months”, so it may be a while before you actually see any of them appear – and even then they may not be a permanent addition. Fortunately for Android users who can’t stand autoplaying ads (which we imagine covers most people), the videos will be ‘click-to-play’ and hopefully won’t obstruct your view when you’re browsing the Play store on your computer or mobile device. The adverts will also be clearly marked as such, and featured in the ‘Game Trailers for…