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ditch your dated downloads

Like Marmite, Brexit and ‘Next customer please’ signs on supermarket checkouts, this issue’s cover feature could prove divisive. “How dare you badmouth CCleaner?”, you may protest; while others cry: “What’s Opera ever done to you?”. Such complaints are of course justified, but how dull and predictable would we be to devote seven pages to recommending software that you already use and have been for years? More importantly, are the programs and apps that once served you well still as effective and reliable as when you first installed them, or are there now better alternatives available? In our cover feature, we answer all these questions and more by choosing our favourite replacements for the tools you use every day. After all, today’s best free software quickly becomes tomorrow’s junk – only four issues…

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what’s new online

Make an origami jumping frog Hop along to the BBC Taster website for an interactive lesson in how make your own origami jumping frog. It may sound bizarre, but it’s a clever online experiment from the Beeb that lets you view the video guide from three simultaneous camera angles. Created to accompany the Make Craft Britain series on BBC Four, this innovative tutorial pauses after each instruction to give you time to make a fold and move on when you’re ready. There are also buttons that let you go back and forward to the different steps, as well as diagrams with written instructions, should you find that method easier to follow. All you need is a piece of paper sized 15 x 15cm, a little patience and nimble fingers. The 27-step project takes…

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new voice commands

Send and create cards Say, “Hey Google, talk to Greetings Cards” to select a greeting and add a personal image to a card to send to a friend. If you use Google Home, the card will also be sent on your phone. Ask for conversions To find out what your sterling gets you abroad, say, “Siri, what is £50 in euros/dollars?” You can also ask “what’s the tip for $50?” to see the amounts for 10, 15 and 20%. Enjoy BBC audio content Listen to podcasts and radio via the BBC’s Alexa skill by saying: “Alexa, open the BBC”, then uttering commands such as “Alexa, ask the BBC to play Radio Two”.…

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need to know

Facebook alerts users affected by massive data scandal What happened? Facebook is displaying a pop-up notification to users whose data was collected by Cambridge Analytica, revealing that the political consultancy got its hands on the data of more people than was at first thought. Initially, it was believed Cambridge Analytica mined the profile data of 50 million people, gathered by a researcher using a personality-quiz app three years ago. However, Facebook has now admitted that as many as 87 million users had their data harvested, including more than one million in the UK. Facebook has also had to scramble to fix another potential data leak, after it was revealed that anyone with a bit of tech know-how and an automated script could scrape phone numbers and email addresses from the social network. Using…

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first look

Fitbit Versa bit.ly/fitbit447 Could the Fitbit Versa be the smartwatch that finally breaks through to the masses? Fitbit certainly hopes so. It’s stripped away the non-essentials from its first true smartwatch, the Fitbit Ionic, to deliver a more basic wearable at a cut-down price and size. By doing so, it hopes to attract a wider demographic to the smartwatch party, which until now has been dominated by men. The watch feels more compact and lightweight than similar wearables, primarily because it houses a smaller battery. Fitbit claims this lasts for just over four days on a single charge but to achieve this, the screen is off most of the time. You can activate it with a vigorous flick of the wrist but, irritatingly, we found this only worked about half the time. On…

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is google launching a 4k chromebook?

Chromebooks are traditionally low-spec and low-cost – it’s their main selling point and why they’ve proved so popular with people on a tight budget, such as students, retirees and tech-magazine journalists. However, this could be about to change as rumours suggests that Google is about to launch a 4K Chromebook. The mooted machine is codenamed Atlas, and was ‘revealed’ when a reference to a 4K Chromebook screen was spotted in the Chromium OS source code (the development version of Chrome OS) and reported by the website XDA Developers (bit.ly/xda447). The only information the code provides is the Atlas name and a screen resolution, but since that resolution is 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, which is indeed 4K, it looks like a higher-end Chromebook is on the cards. This new resolution also means a…