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give greedy web giants the heave-ho

Hands up, who’s deleted their Facebook account in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal? I must confess I haven’t yet, partly because my privacy settings are locked down so tightly that nobody can even ‘like’ my profile picture without providing two forms of ID, a signed notice of intent and a DNA sample. Still, if ever there was a time to quit the social network, then it’s now, as Facebook’s dodgy data dealings have finally been confirmed and exposed. But what should you use instead? And aren’t fellow tech giants Google and Amazon just as dubious? We answer both these questions and more in this issue’s cover feature, explaining how and why you should shun the money-grabbing, data-stealing and tax-avoiding behemoths in favour of smarter alternatives that respect your privacy. True,…

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what’s new online

Explore iconic world locations in 3D Concerned that some of the world’s most important monuments are in danger of being destroyed, either naturally or through war, Ben Kacyra used a 3D laser scanner to produce a detailed archive of those most at risk. That was in 2001 and, over the past 15 years, his non-profit organisation CyArk has recorded more than 200 monuments across the world. By partnering with CyArk, Google Arts & Culture aims to better contextualise a selection of those works, letting you step inside and explore the detailed, recreated monuments. The buildings include the Al Azem Palace in Damascus, Syria; the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin; and Ayutthaya in Thailand. In each case, you can read expedition overviews and introductions to the buildings before using the Google Poly 3D viewer…

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new voice commands

Play Lost in Space Netflix has worked with Google on a new game to promote its Lost in Space remake. Say “Hey Siri, play the Lost in Space game” and answer the prompts to help the marooned Robinson family. Enjoy a joke Apple has updated Siri with a load of new gags that you can listen to by saying, “Hey Siri, tell me a joke.” Groaners include: “I taught a wolf to meditate. Now he’s Aware Wolf”. Book a train Virgin Trains now lets you book tickets and check times using Alexa. To book a ticket, say “Alexa, ask Virgin Trains to book a ticket [when] from [place] to [place]”.…

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bt to kill off landlines by 2025

What happened? It’s the end of an era: BT has revealed it will disconnect all landline telephones. But don’t worry – you’ll still be able to make and receive calls. Instead of running calls over the public switched telephone network, you’ll be chatting over IP (internet protocol) telephony on the company’s fibre network. BT said the changes will start soon, with everyone hopefully switched over to the fibre network by 2025. Before the work starts, BT is running a consultation with the rest of industry, including the companies that buy access to BT’s network to sell their own services. At a technical level, BT is hoping to shut down its public switched telephone network (PTSN) and instead run calls via Voice-over-IP (VoIP) on the fibre network. It’s like using Skype for calls, but…

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first look

Honor 7A www.hihonor.com Available in black or blue, the Honor 7A looks and feels like it costs several hundred pounds more than its £140 price tag. At a slender 7.8mm, its aluminium body and curved edges make it comfortable to hold, and although the phone has a large 5.7in display, its 18:9 aspect ratio means the screen is narrow enough to use with one hand and has a little extra height. Around the back of the phone, there’s a single 13-megapixel camera with a dual-LED flash and an ultra-responsive fingerprint sensor. There’s also a 3-in-1 card slot, which lets you use a microSD card and two SIM cards simultaneously. Impressively, it also includes Face Unlock, and is the cheapest phone yet to do so. Honor has opted for a micro-USB port at the…

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is apple going to kill off itunes?

Rumours suggest that Apple is planning to scrap paid-for iTunes music downloads next year. According to sources inside the company, as reported by Digital Music News (bit.ly/digital448), Apple has set a firm date for the iTunes store’s shutdown. It’s likely that the service won’t close overnight, but will be phased out gradually starting from 31 March 2019. After that point, buying new music won’t be possible; instead, Apple reportedly intends to shift its focus to its Spotify rival, the Apple Music streaming service. However, it’s believed that Apple has no plans to revoke user rights on purchased songs, which means any music you’ve bought will always play on all Apple devices and you’ll still be able to manage your downloaded music collection. Apple had previously denied any plans around possibly killing…