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it’s time to switch to the gdpr

Forget the Royal Wedding – the most important date for your calendar this month is 25 May, otherwise known as GDPR Day. Described as the biggest change to data-privacy law for 20 years, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) forces companies to come clean about what they do with our personal information, and gives us consumers welcome new powers over how our data is ‘processed’. Yet despite the looming deadline, the exact nature and effects of the GDPR remain vague and confusing. Perhaps The Village People should have reformed for a follow-up to ‘YMCA’ and danced us through the intricacies of the new regulation, dressed as data-protection officers. In this issue’s cover feature, we explain why GDPR affects anyone who uses the web. We answer all your questions about the tough new privacy…

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what’s new online

Find answers in books using Google Before the web provided instant answers to our burning questions, books were our main source of reference. A new tool from Google called Talk to Books combines the two: just ask a question and it will scour the text of more than 100,000 books for a useful response. Rather than trying to match keywords, Talk to Books highlights passages that best follow on from your query. Indeed, the answers are likely to contain none of the actual words from your question, but they will undoubtedly uncover interesting perspectives and perhaps point toward books you may want to read. To work most effectively, Talk to Books encourages you to type your query in a conversational manner – for example: “What is fun about computer programming?” or “Why is…

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new voice commands

Hear a classic story Say “Hey Google, tell me a story” to listen to classic tales such as Little Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty. For a fun Disney story, say: “Hey Google, talk to Mickey Mouse Story Time”. Take a selfie Instantly launch the camera app on your iPhone by saying: “Hey Siri, take a selfie”. All you have to do is press the shutter. Play a Pac-Man adventure A new Pac-Man Stories skill lets families use Alexa to play a ‘choose your own adventure’ game that involves you guiding the beloved arcade-game character.…

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windows 10 april update crashes and freezes pcs

What happened? It’s bad enough that installing Windows updates means having to stop what you’re doing, let Microsoft take over your computer for however long it needs and then wait for a restart, but it’s made infinitely worse if the update includes bugs and flaws. Yet that’s exactly what happened with the April 2018 major update to Windows 10, which arrived at the end of last month and slowly filtered through Windows’ automatic update system. The update includes some welcome new features such as Timeline in task view, which shows you what you were doing on your computer the last time you used it so you can seamlessly continue your work. There’s also a tool for sharing files over Wi-Fi, improved dictation via Cortana and improvements to Microsoft’s Edge browser, such as…

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first look

Oculus Go bit.ly/oculus449 ‘Effortless’ is the best way to describe the latest venture between virtual-reality (VR) company Oculus and Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer. Oculus Go is a slimmed-down virtual-reality headset that’s been simplified for mass appeal. The Go is built for a future that doesn’t yet exist, where VR is commonplace and even watching the news over breakfast means donning an elegant Oculus-branded headset. Developed as an entry-level device, Oculus Go promises to be the ideal introduction for anyone who’s considered buying into the virtual-reality hype, but been put off by the price. In the box, you’ll find a standalone headset that’s so refined it’s arguably more comfortable than its big brother, the Oculus Rift. There’s also a Wii-style nunchuck controller but, inconveniently, no charger if you live outside the US. Oculus Go’s…

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does amazon want the keys to your car?

Amazon wants to deliver packages direct to your car, according to new reports. If you’re a trusting Prime member, and live in one of 37 trial cities across the US, you can already give Amazon access to your house via Amazon Key. Hook up the smart lock and cloud camera, then use the app to get your packages delivered inside your house, even while you’re out. Amazon Key In-Car promises to be the vehicular equivalent. Book your delivery and the parcel will be dropped off inside your car (which certainly beats coming back to find a parking ticket). Don’t worry, you won’t have to hand over your actual car keys or fit a new smart lock. The service works through an Amazon app that connects delivery drivers to your car’s on-board…