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when i’m cleaning windows…

This issue’s cover feature is brought to you by the letter ‘C’ for ‘cleaning your PC’, but not – as you may assume – by the program CCleaner. Now, don’t get me wrong: we at Web User love CCleaner – it’s like the Swiss Army knife of free system tools. But just as the scissors, can opener and blades in the pocketable all-in-one toolkit aren’t as sharp and sophisticated as the individual full-size versions, so the duplicate finder, uninstaller and privacy options in CCleaner are bettered by dedicated standalone tools. In our cover feature, we round up the best of those tools for removing specific types of junk from your system, from leftover Windows files to hidden space hogs and invasive PUPs. Why, you may wonder, do you need a bunch…

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what’s new online

Write faster and work offline in Gmail Following the recent Gmail redesign (see our workshop last issue), Google is continuing to tweak and improve its webmail service. It’s now using artificial intelligence to help you compose your emails in double-quick time, by suggesting words and phrases as you type. Called Smart Compose, this new feature lets you start writing a message as normal, before showing the contextualised suggestions in grey. To accept them, just press the Tab key on your keyboard. This means Gmail could, in theory, write the whole email for you, and ensure that you avoid any spelling or grammatical errors. Gmail has also introduced an Offline mode that lets you write emails, search your inbox and delete messages without needing an internet connection or installing an extension. Anything you do…

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new voice commands

Pick a new voice Google has launched six new Google Assistant voices. Go to Settings, Preferences, Assistant Voice (in Home, find it under More Settings), then preview each one. Set in-app reminders Siri can prompt you to revisit an email, a site in Safari or a Map location you’re looking at. Just say, “Hey Siri, remind me about this at [time] on [date]” to add it to your reminders. Get accurate weather forecasts Say: “Alexa, ask Big Sky for the weather” and set up the skill in the Alexa app for this handy hyper-local service to provide an accurate weather forecast for your address.…

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youtube takes on spotify with music-streaming service

What happened? Google is once again trying to get a foothold in streaming music, this time through its YouTube video service. Plenty of us already watch music videos on YouTube, but the aim of the new YouTube Music is to make that music available on the go. YouTube Music will be available for free, alongside a paid-for Premium version for $9.99 (about £7.40) a month. There’s a mobile app and a desktop player, offering access to playlists, songs and radio stations – along with their accompanying music videos. YouTube Music also features a ‘fuzzy’ search tool that lets you track down a song, even if you don’t know its title, by entering, for instance: “That hipster song with the whistling” or a snippet of a song lyric. Like other streaming services, it analyses…

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bt combines mobile and broadband

What happened? BT has unveiled plans to combine its home broadband, mobile and Wi-Fi plans into a single product, with a single bill. Alongside simpler billing, BT Plus will let customers flip between Wi-Fi and 4G. That means if you have a weak mobile signal, you can piggyback on your broadband to make calls and browse the web – and vice versa. If there’s a fault with your home broadband, you’ll be given unlimited mobile broadband and a 4G Wi-Fi Mini Hub to get online while you wait for repairs. BT is calling this its ‘Best Connected’ plan. Alongside the converged BT Plus package, BT said that EE, the mobile operator it bought in 2014, would offer its own package, pairing ultrafast home broadband and 4G, and also keeping users connected via…

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chrome scraps ‘secure’ label for sites

What happened? Google is continuing to fiddle with how Chrome users browse the web by ditching the padlock icon and Secure notice from the left-hand side of the address bar. Traditionally, this indicates that a page is being served via an encrypted HTTPS connection, rather than the less secure HTTP. Instead, the Secure status will be presumed and the non-secure status will be flagged – so, if you’re viewing a page or clicking through to one, and Google isn’t actively flagging up a Secure status, you can presume it’s deemed safe. How will it affect you? The change will start to roll out in Chrome 69, due in September. From then on, you’ll no longer see the green Secure alert by the URL when you’re viewing an HTTPS-secured site. The following month, the red…