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jump the pirate ship to safety

Poor Kodi. Like discovering that someone you thought loved you was only after your money, all those fairweather users it attracted last year were only interested in its dodgy add-ons. Despite being a legitimate media tool, Kodi is now forever tainted by police crackdowns, court cases and huge fines, leading disillusioned devotees to look elsewhere. Happily, as we reveal in this issue’s cover feature, there are plenty more media-streaming tools in the sea – and we don’t mean a sea ruled by pirates (the pira-sea?). If all you want is to enjoy your videos, music and photos on any device, without fear of reprisals, it’s time to jump ship from Kodi for superior software. We’ve rounded up and reviewed the simplest, safest and most versatile alternatives for former Kodi fans. Speaking of…

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what’s new online

Watch live game streams on Facebook If you enjoy watching people play games, you’ll undoubtedly be familiar with the streaming hub Twitch (www.twitch.tv), which boasts more than 15 million active viewers every day and two million broadcasters each month. Sensing an opportunity, Facebook has launched its own rival platform to make it easier to find shared gaming content. This serves up a mix of live and pre-recorded streams while tapping into the creators and games you follow, the pages you like and the groups you belong to, to figure out the kind of things you’d like to watch. As soon as you visit the site, a featured stream will autoplay and you can click to watch other live streams. You’re told how many other people are viewing and when the broadcast began, and…

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new voice commands

Watch All 4 TV shows With All 4’s new skill, you can stream your favourite Channel 4 shows via your Chromecast and a Google Home or Home Mini. Say “OK Google, play [show name]”. Find Spotify songs If you see a microphone when you tap the search icon in the Spotify iOS app, you’ll now have the ability to bypass Siri and verbally request songs, playlists, artists and albums. Track a parcel Even if you didn’t place your Amazon order via Alexa, you can now ask when your next package from the shopping giant is due to arrive by saying: “Alexa, where’s my stuff?”.…

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‘frankenstein’ malware targets android phones

What happened? Sounding like a mash-up between sci-fi and Victorian horror, a mysterious ‘Frankenstein’ virus has been stalking Android phones. The malware, called MysteryBot, has been described as a “Frankenstein” creation because it cobbles together bits of ransomware, Trojans and keyloggers to create a virulent threat that can attack devices in multiple ways. Researchers from security firm ThreatFabric (bit.ly/threatfabric452 ), who discovered the malware, say it can take over your smartphone or tablet and steal data such as emails and contact details. MysteryBot can also hoover up passwords by overlaying apps with fake login pages and by tracking touchscreen gestures to spot what you’re typing on your device’s virtual keyboard. The malware can also reportedly lock your files in a password-protected ZIP file to hold them ransom, demanding an email address to…

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o2 offers customers free netflix streaming

What happened? Mobile operator O2 is the latest company to offer new and existing customers a free subscription to video-streaming service Netflix. Vodafone has offered a similar free package with Netflix before, while Three customers with Samsung handsets get a free subscription and everyone else on contracts of 12GB and up can stream without using any data, via Three’s Go Binge plan. O2 is also offering a bonus double of data on a number of contracts so customers can make the most of their Netflix subscription. How will it affect you? The free Netflix deal is available to new customers switching to O2, as well as to current O2 customers who are moving to a new contract and buying a new SIM card or device. If the deal is for a smartphone, you’ll…

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apple closes iphone security loophole

What happened? A loophole in Apple iPhones that police have used to access criminals’ devices has been quietly closed. The most famous use of the flaw was two years ago when US authorities paid a security firm more than $1m for details of how to use the loophole to unlock the San Bernardino gunman’s iPhone, though it’s reportedly been used many other times since then. To open locked iPhones, law enforcement connect the smartphone via the charging and data-transfer port to a computer running software that can open the device. Apple will now block that from happening via an update that it’s pushing out to all phones. How will it affect you? Once the update is installed on your iPhone, if you connect the device to a laptop to charge it or transfer data,…