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make your wi-fi whoosh!

When good Wi-Fi goes bad, it can feel like the end of the world, as slow downloads, buffering videos and dropped connections combine to drive you screaming from the web, back into the dreaded real world. Look online for help (if you can get online, that is) and you’ll find lots of ineffective and pointless advice – who really has the time to build a parabolic reflector out of aluminium foil, like something out of The A-Team? Fortunately, for this issue’s cover feature we have our very own A-Team in the form of Jane Hoskyn, who as a freelance writer craves speedy Wi-Fi like a vampire craves blood. Jane has come up with an eight-step guide to getting the fastest and most reliable Wi-Fi possible around your home, using advice that…

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what’s new online

Search eBay using photos not words Sometimes it’s hard to describe the exact item you are looking for on eBay – often you’re second guessing the keywords used by the seller and it can take several attempts to find a match. With that in mind, eBay has rolled out a feature called Image Search that lets you upload and use photos instead of words. Available via the eBay mobile app, Image Search is very easy to use – just tap the camera icon to snap a photo of an item. The company suggests positioning your object in front against a simple background and shooting straight on for the best results. Alternatively, you can choose a picture that’s already stored on your phone or tablet, which is handy if you’ve taken a screenshot…

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new voice commands

Speak to your Sony TV Ditch the remote for your 4K HDR Sony television running Android TV and use Google Assistant to launch films, TV programmes and music, and access smart features. Translate languages Siri can now translate from English to French, German, Italian, Mandarin and Spanish, as long as you have iOS 11. Just ask: “How do I say [phrase] in [language]?” Play Duplo with Alexa Say “Alexa, open Lego Duplo Stories” to hear a series of customisable tales based on animals and vehicles, which encourage children to interact using their Duplo bricks.…

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need to know

Chrome gets major redesign and adds Spectre protection What happened? Google is set to give Chrome a major overhaul – and you can see it now in the experimental preview version of the browser. The changes focus on updating the look and feel of the browser to bring it in line with Google’s Material Design aesthetic, a uniform set of design rules across Google’s services and software. The updates include making the address and search bar larger, changing their colour from white to grey and adding support for web-page icons to pop up in the bar when you type in a URL. Google is also tweaking the shape of Chrome’s tabs, replacing the current trapezium shape with a round-cornered rectangle. There are also new colours and designs for the tab strip, pinned tabs…

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first look

Nest Hello nest.com As we explained in last issue’s FAQ, the Nest Hello is a Wi-Fi doorbell equipped with a camera, speaker and microphone that lets you see who’s at the door via a smartphone app. You can also record clips of comings and goings automatically, and even talk to people who come to the door when you’re not at home. Unless you’re skilled at DIY, you may need to get an electrician to install the mains-powered Nest Hello or pay the £100 installation fee that Nest itself charges, and if you want to use the doorbell’s advanced features – continuous video history, familiar-face recognition and timelapse-clip creation – you’ll have to stump up at least £40 per year. That makes the £229 Nest Hello much more expensive than its main smart-doorbell rival,…

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could google ‘live-stream’ google earth?

Google could now technically ‘livestream’ areas in Google Earth, thanks to a breakthrough camera created by a UK company. Developed by Earth-i and gliding above the globe at a rate of four miles per second, the 4K Ultra HD camera – aboard the company’s VividX2 satellite – takes photos of specific locations from multiple angles to create 3D replicas, with each pixel covering a telescopic 24in of ground. The two-minute, 50fps video is then beamed back to Earth. Interviewed by Tech Radar, the company’s CEO, Richard Blain, said: “Earth Observation data is becoming a major driver in the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution – the era of Big Data analytics. Location data is the foundation on which many big data solutions are being built to drive better decision-making and policy thinking the world…