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Web User is the UK's favourite internet magazine. On sale every fortnight it keeps you up-to-date with all the latest news, views, best new websites, music, film and games downloads, free software, and all the other developments on the Web. If you use the internet, you'll love Web User. Being Britain's best-selling internet read, Web User is, quite simply, the only internet magazine you'll ever need.

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download the undownloadable!

Downloading from the web isn’t rocket science – you just click the big button to save the desired file to your default download folder – even Danny Dyer knows that! But lots of online content, from streaming audio and video to photo albums and maps, doesn’t come flanked by this unmistakable magic button, while other stuff you want to download may disappear before you get the chance. In this issue’s cover feature, we explain how you can download the undownloadable to get everything you want from the web, without having to resort to dubious and dangerous methods. We reveal how to grab any audio playing in your browser, save every image from a web page and capture entire sites – even those that no longer exist. Also in this issue, to balance…

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what’s new online

Watch videos as a group on Facebook We’ve grown used to watching, sharing and commenting on videos on Facebook, but despite the interaction, it’s largely a solo experience. Facebook is hoping to change that with Watch Party, a new feature that allows members of groups on the social network to view videos together at the same time. Watch Party works by getting one or more hosts to start and control a stream of live or recorded videos, inviting others to watch and comment. Facebook says it could be useful for Q&As about hobbies, tutorials and group-based activities such as exercising. And even though it can’t be used outside of groups or Pages right now, Facebook believes it will eventually bring friends and family together for shared experiences. If you run a group, you’ll…

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new voice commands

Make Duo video calls Ask Google Assistant to connect you on Android’s Duo video-calling app by saying: “video call [name of person]”. Confirm the call and Duo will appear on screen. Make quick conversions Need to speedily convert kilometres to miles, kilograms to pounds, metres to feet and so on? Then just ask Siri. You can also convert currency on the fly, which is handy while you’re on holiday. Hear a thunderstorm Amazon claims the most requested ambient sound skill of late is, “Alexa, open Thunderstorm Sounds”. Perhaps the hot weather has got users yearning for a more traditional British summer.…

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need to know

Facebook and Twitter hit by falling stock and user exodus What happened? These are dark days for social media, with Facebook and Twitter both hit by significant stock-price falls after revealing a decline in user numbers amid political controversies. In one day, Facebook fell from a stock-market valuation of £481bn to £389bn, one of the biggest losses ever by any single company in a day, personally costing founder Mark Zuckerberg more than £11bn in paper value. The stock-price nose-dive was sparked by Facebook releasing its latest results, which included its first fall in user numbers. In Europe, three million people departed the social network, cutting the number of users to 279 million. In North America, the number of users stayed flat. Overall, Facebook has more than two billion users. What’s behind the stagnation in…

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first look

Land Rover Explore landroverexplore.co.uk As thousands of shattered iPhone screens attest, modern mobile phones aren’t very durable. Land Rover aims to reverse the trend with its outdoorsy Explore smartphone. And with a £600 price tag, it’s comparatively cheaper than rugged rivals such as the £700 Moto Z2 Force and £800 CAT S61. As you’d expect from the high-end car manufacturer, the Explore is stunningly designed and shows off its heritage with a Land Rover Discovery-inspired grille and a rear-facing camera that cleverly apes the iconic headlights of the Land Rover Defender. This stocky smartphone, with its easy curves, slips effortlessly into the pocket, although attaching the Adventure Pack, which features an additional booster and GPS antennae, adds significant weight. Rugged phones such as the Explore prioritise durability over performance so, despite impressive armour, this…

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is google ditching android for fuscia?

Android is synonymous with Google – but sources suggest the company is preparing to ditch the popular mobile platform. Founded in 2003 and bought by Google two years later, Android has cruised to the smartphone top-spot, building a loyal fan base along the way. However, sources have revealed to Bloomberg that Google is stepping up plans to tear out the jewel in its crown and replace it with Fuchsia – an operating system that goes way beyond Google’s candy-coded upgrades. Built on the four pillars of uniformity, AI, voice control and security, Fuchsia unifies a landscape fragmented across Android and Chrome OS. Google Home will debut Fuchsia in three years, while smartphones based on the OS arrive in 2023. The rumoured plan eventually sees Fuchsia powering everything from laptops to Internet-of-Things…