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be an email expert, not a chump!

It’s nearly 10 years since the Wall Street Journal reported that email’s reign as “king of communications” was over, usurped by young upstarts such as Facebook, Twitter and, er, Google Wave (bit.ly/wsj456). “Email, stuck in the era of attachments, seems boring compared to services like Google Wave”, sniffed the WSJ, the chumps! Here in 2018, we’re all still using email and although it may not be as trendy as, say, Slack (which is essentially Google Wave in a new hat), we’d be lost without it. In this issue’s cover feature, we celebrate email’s 47th birthday by revealing how you can get more from your messages and make your inbox as secure as possible. Our expert tips and tricks will help you protect your emails from prying eyes, add clever new features…

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what’s new online

Listen to the Apollo 11 recordings NASA has unearthed 19,000 hours’ worth of audio from the historic Apollo 11 mission, which saw humans set foot on the Moon for the very first time on 20 July 1969 – and you can listen to the lot online. As well as earwigging on the conversations of astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins, you can hear engineers, supervisors and analysts at Mission Control. The recordings include some well-known audio gems such as “one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind” along with discussions about the technical systems, and even a joke request from Buzz to turn the Earth around so the crew could enjoy a better view. As you can imagine, digitising the tapes has been a mammoth effort. Teams at…

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new voice commands

Choose a voice by picking a colour Google is rolling out an update that lets you switch between Google Assistant’s voice options by picking a colour rather than a number. Get a crazy response Siri’s forthcoming Shortcuts feature will match your routine with apps to make time-saving suggestions. In the meantime, say, “Siri, I see a little silhouetto of a man” for an amusing response. Talk to Alexa in the car Seat has been building Alexa into new Ateca and Leon models, so you can talk to your car à la Knight Rider. Press a button on the steering wheel to ask for services, restaurants and music as you drive.…

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need to know

CCleaner update causes privacy-fears backlash What happened? The popular PC cleanup tool CCleaner has been forced to step back from changes that meddled with user privacy. An update to version 5.45 of the software introduced controversial new data-monitoring features that were designed to help the developers improve the product. CCleaner is developed by Piriform, which was recently bought by security company Avast. Piriform didn’t offer much detail on the change in the release notes, only saying it had “added more detailed reporting”. Users noticed that if they turned off the data collection, it re-enabled itself next time the software started. Also, it’s difficult to completely turn off CCleaner: clicking the ‘X’ in the top-right corner doesn’t fully close the program – it only minimises and continues to run in the background. Following complaints from…

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first look

Android Pie bit.ly/pie456 Android Pie (or Android 9, if you prefer numeric nomenclature) is now available for selected users to try. Google’s updated operating system is currently available on its Pixel phones and the Essential Phone, with Android One phones getting a slice of the Pie later this year. It delivers some jazzy interface upgrades but right now, we think it’s missing the filling. The new pill-shaped Home button offers productivity-boosting gesture support. You still summon Google Assistant with a long-press, but you can now, for example, flick the button to open your last-used app, or swipe it to horizontally cycle open apps – a design tweak that’s nabbed straight from Windows Mobile. Memorising all available gestures is tricky, but once mastered makes your phone’s performance far more fluid. Also making its debut is…

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is microsoft going to charge for windows 10?

Rumours abound that Microsoft is planning to introduce a subscription fee for Windows 10. The operating system is already preinstalled with money-grabbers such as the game Candy Crush Saga and subscription services including Netflix and Microsoft’s own Office 365 and Xbox Live. That’s the price we pay for an OS which, upon its 2015 release, was advertised as “free, forever. No subscriptions. No additional costs”. That promise hasn’t prevented industry insiders from speculating that the recently revealed Microsoft Managed Desktop transforms Windows 10 into a subscription-based service. Allegedly, the service – which leaked last month via a job listing – is the next ‘product-as-service’ in the sweeping Office 365 suite; a ‘desktop-as-service’, if you will, that entails users renting Windows 10 devices and paying Microsoft a monthly fee to regularly maintain and…