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get reckless with the registry

The Windows Registry – Reg to its friends – doesn’t do itself any favours. Not only has it got the dullest interface imaginable, but it baffles and bores with its technical talk of HKEYs and DWORD values. I can see why another ‘Reg’ had to brand himself Elton John and dress up as Donald Duck to make things more interesting. Still, looks aren’t everything and without the trusty old Registry, your system wouldn’t be able to function. And, as we explain in this issue’s cover feature, delving into the Registry to tweak its apparently unfathomable settings can yield all manner of interesting and beneficial results. From forcing your PC to load faster to disabling annoying features and unlocking useful ones, creatively fiddling with Reg’s values is a lot more fun than…

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what’s new online

Tell visual stories in Flickr galleries Having neglected the look of its albums for a while, Flickr has finally got around to freshening up the design. As a result, its new Galleries section has a much smarter layout that increases the size of the images and videos to take advantage of today’s larger screen sizes and resolutions. You can now add as many as 500 photos and videos to a gallery – a huge 10-fold increase on the previous limit of 50 – with Flickr encouraging you to use this increased flexibility to tell “visual stories”. Additionally, the list page within Galleries has been spruced up. Now, with each album, you get to see a large cover image accompanied by thumbnails of the most recent pictures, giving a better at-a-glance flavour of…

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new voice commands

Play Disney games Say “Hey Google” followed by “play Maui’s Music Game”, “play Toy Story Freeze Dance” or “play Disney Princess” to enjoy some fun Disney-inspired adventures. Use Siri Shortcuts Apps now suggest Siri shortcuts, inviting you to create a specific voice command to carry out a task. When you see a suggestion, tap Add to Siri, press the red button and record a phrase. Get daily nutritional advice Enable the Kellogg’s’ Every Day Nutrition (by Special K) Alexa skill to get vitamin advice and tips about upping your iron intake. Just say, “Alexa, help with Special K”.…

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need to know

Windows 10 October update might not fit on your PC What happened? Microsoft is set to release its next major update for Windows 10 later this month, but the Windows 10 October 2018 Update – as it’s been named – could pose a serious problem for computers with limited storage space. A Microsoft support document (bit.ly/support459) warns that the installation may fail on any device with “low storage space”, such as budget laptops, noting that the update does not check systems to see whether they have adequate space before initialising. This means it’s up to Windows users to check this before upgrading to the latest version of the operating system. This isn’t the first time that budget devices with low storage have been hit by update woes. Microsoft states that the minimum hardware requirement…

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will the next google home have a screen?

Images apparently showing a new Google Home device with a screen have leaked online ahead of the company’s product-launch event on 9 October. Dubbed the Google Home Hub, the device appears to be taking on the Amazon Echo Show by combining Google Assistant features with a touchscreen interface. We’ve known for a while that Google Assistant is capable of working on displays, but only third-party manufacturers have actually started to develop such systems. Now, according to the leak, it seems Google has created its own model. The leaked images of the Google Home Hub show a device that looks like a melding of a Nexus 10 tablet and a Google Home speaker. The tablet-like screen section appears to be resting on the speaker base, which makes it look more like a tablet…

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what’s new on kickstarter

WingLights360 bit.ly/wing459 | From £1 Cyclists vs drivers, locked in a perilous battle for road space. WingLights360 is an update on the Dragons’ Den-backed original – waterproof, shockproof indicator lights that help prevent reckless overtaking by highlighting a bike’s precise position and intent on the streets. Screw the magnetic side-lights into your handlebars and activate them with one tap. A single USB charge lasts over three hours, which should be enough to safely see you through your commute. Pledges start at £1; a £48 donation rewards you with a set of side-lights; and £158 gets you a family four-pack of WingLights360.…