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tour the web privately with tor

The surprising thing about browsing the so-called ‘dark web’ using Tor is how dull much of it is. With its dodgy marketplaces, obvious scams, ugly design and dead links, it’s like visiting the internet in 1992 – and, sometimes, just as slow. But no matter how tedious, unpleasant and (admittedly) illegal parts of ‘onionland’ can be, Tor is an excellent way to ensure your anonymity online, and it’s easy to use the browser without breaking the law. In this issue’s cover feature, we peel back the layers of the onion to reveal how Tor lets you access any website without anyone knowing who or where you are, or what you’re viewing. We explain how to make Tor as private and secure as possible, whether you’re searching, messaging or downloading, and show…

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what’s new online

Search faster in Google Images Google is rolling out some welcome tweaks to its image-search facility. You’ll now see related terms across the top of the screen when you look for an image in your desktop browser – a feature it has borrowed from mobile. Another improvement is better contextualisation of photos, with captions that show the title of the web page where the image is hosted. Videos are also set to be featured in the search results, using computer vision to show content related to both the main topic and various associated sub-topics. Meanwhile, Google has overhauled its image algorithm to take into consideration the authority of host websites and the availability of fresher photos. Stories are being introduced, too. These currently appear if you search for specific celebrities or athletes, offering information pulled…

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new voice commands

Buy from Argos Say “Hey Google, ask Argos” and a new bot will ask what you want to buy. It can order items and tell you where your nearest store is. Create podcast links You can now listen to podcasts on iOS using the new Siri Shortcuts feature in iOS 12. You can generate time-stamped links for any podcast you’re listening to. Get streaming recommendations Fancy watching something sweet on Netflix or Amazon Prime? Until the end of October, you can utter “open Red Recommends” and ask the red M&M to steer you towards the best shows and movies.…

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need to know

New Windows 10 update halted after it wipes PC files What happened? Microsoft has suspended the latest update to Windows 10 after reports of serious bugs, including complaints that it was deleting files from users’ PCs. Since launching Windows 10 in 2015, Microsoft has released ‘Feature’ updates twice a year – in spring and in autumn – containing new tools and features. These are much bigger than the monthly security updates released on ‘Patch Tuesday’. The October 2018 update (version 1809) adds several new tools, including a ‘cloud clipboard’. But within days of installing it, users complained that it had wiped or moved files, such as photos and documents. It appears the problem had already been spotted by testers in the Windows Insiders Programme, who get previews of new versions of the operating system.…

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is sony launching a spotify rival?

The head of Sony Music, Rob Stringer, told the BBC that the company may develop a music-streaming service that offers “more control over distribution” (bit.ly/stringer460), prompting speculation that it may take on Spotify. A rival streaming platform filled with Sony’s exclusive content would be a clear retaliation against Spotify signing and developing its own stable of independent musicians. Discussing Spotify’s ambitions, Stringer said: “Could they do that? Probably. Would we have a way of dealing with that? Probably. We have hundreds of thousands of tracks going back 100 years, so we have quite a lot of leverage.” This, then, is a twin threat that seems deliberately timed. Even if Sony doesn’t follow through on the rumoured streaming service, the company could still withdraw a back catalogue that includes Queen, Daft Punk, Foo…

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likelihood rating

It seems that every media company has a subscription service, so we wouldn’t be shocked if Sony threw its hat in the ring. And this isn’t uncharted territory: Sony already runs PlayStation Music with – who else? – Spotify. But online piracy is on the rise, as fragmented audiences contend with multiple, expensive subscription packages. Yet another standalone streaming service may push users towards illegal downloads, and given the industry’s inglorious history with online piracy, music-biz execs will be wary of encouraging a return to the bad old days of Napster.…