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onward and upward in 2019

2018 has been a very sad year for celebrity deaths, with countless much-loved figures passing away, including Aretha Franklin, Burt Reynolds, Jim Bowen, Stephen Hawking and Stan Lee. Some tactless types would even add ‘traditional software’ to the list, such is the focus now on apps and online tools, and the controversies surrounding former favourites such as CCleaner, Adobe Reader and Skype. But at Web User, we believe the demise of downloads to be much exaggerated, so for the eighth consecutive year, we are proud to present our roundup of the best free programs for the year to come. Our software specialist, Wayne Williams, has picked 10 of the most promising tools for the next 12 months, as well as 10 highly recommended alternatives. From a free VPN and a secure…

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create travel itineraries in bing

When you’re planning a trip to an exciting and unfamiliar destination, it’s wise to have an itinerary to hand, particularly if you’re planning on doing lots of sightseeing. With this in mind, Bing introduced the ability to customise its suggested itineraries earlier this year, and it’s now gone much further by letting you create one from scratch. The new itinerary tool forms part of Bing Maps and you must be signed in to use it. Once you’re up and running, click My Places, then select the Itineraries tab and open New Itinerary to get going. From there, simply enter the place or places you want to go, then add the dates you have in mind and click Get Started. Bing will then take you straight to your destination, allowing you to zoom…

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what’s new online

Play a keyboard using your face bit.ly/face463 Google’s new musical keyboard tool can be played by clicking your mouse over the notes or by using the cursor keys, but it really springs into life when you compose your tunes using your face or body. Allow the website access to your webcam and the virtual instrument will track a point – typically, your nose. You can then move your head around to play the notes in the hope of coming up with something tuneful. It’s a versatile audio offering, letting you select different sounds, from marimba and piano to guitar and synth. You can alter the scale, select how many notes you want to play around with and set the ‘root note’. The keyboard can even be hooked up to MIDI instruments. It gives…

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new voice commands

Control Roku devices Link your Roku device and Google Home app, then control it by uttering “on Roku” after each request. You can find programmes, control playback, adjust the volume and launch channels. Use more shortcuts The Siri Shortcuts app, updated with iOS 12.1, lets you create more custom voice commands, such as setting alarms and getting the weather forecast. Use on Windows 10 You can now download the Alexa app from the Microsoft Store, allowing it to be used in Windows 10 for the first time. See our Best Free Software section (page 29) for more information.…

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need to know

Privacy concerns as Google gobbles up health data What happened? Google has swallowed up part of an artificial-intelligence healthcare company, raising concerns about the privacy of patient data. Google bought the British AI company DeepMind (deepmind.com) back in 2014, but it was largely left to operate independently. Over the intervening years, DeepMind has hit news headlines thanks to its gaming AI, which was the first to beat a human Go player, and its partnerships with NHS hospitals, which include automated eye scans to look for signs of disease that doctors can’t spot yet. Another DeepMind project, known as Streams, pulls in a wide range of patient data, including information on admissions and care, as well as sensitive diagnoses for diseases such as HIV and mental health issues, such as depression. The aim of Streams…

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first look

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite bit.ly/kindle463 Once a staple of the Christmas stocking, the Kindle’s popularity has plummeted – and while Amazon’s updated Paperwhite will do little to reverse that trend, it’s still the best e-reader on the market. This 4th generation Paperwhite barely innovates beyond the 2015 edition, but we’re not complaining: simplicity has always been the Kindle’s strongest selling point. The backlit 6in E Ink screen, 300ppi resolution and a six-week-long battery life all carry across from its predecessor. Now, add twice the storage, Bluetooth capabilities to facilitate the inclusion of Audible and an IPX8-rated waterproof chassis built for reading in the bath or holidaying around the pool. It even manages to shave a few more millimetres off the already-svelte older model. Measuring 167 x 116 x 8.2mm, and weighing just 182g, the device…