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get the gift of privacy from google

It’s that special time of the year when we at Web User give thanks to the wonder of the web, put aside our differences with Computeractive and merrily knock the stuffing out of Google. I’m only joking, of course: we love Google, and there’s plenty of great Google content in this issue, including a workshop about its new image converter (page 52); expert tips for Google Docs (page 64); and details of this year’s Google Santa Tracker (page 6). What we don’t love is Google’s gluttonous attitude towards our data and the way it shares our personal information with advertisers like a plate of mince pies. In this issue’s cover feature, we explain how you can stop this happening, without giving up Google, by withholding the information it uses to track you…

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track santa on his christmas travels

We assume you’ve all been good boys and girls throughout 2018, so you’ll be expecting Father Christmas to pop down your chimney for 25 December. Before the big day, however, there’s much preparation to be done and you can see just how Santa’s elves are getting on by checking out his bustling North Pole village online. There are two ways to do this: the first is via the North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD), which lets you unlock a fun game every day via an Advent Calendar, watch movies about Santa, learn more about the jolly chap and get to grips with holiday traditions around the world. There’s also a selection of music tracks, most of which are performed by the US Air Force Academy Band or The Norad Commanders. What’s…

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what’s new online

Visualise yourself as a celebrity aiportraits.com Forget going under the knife, slapping on the make-up or applying a filter in Instagram: if you want to look as glamorous as the most picture-perfect celebrity, then upload a photo to AI Portraits. Using an artificial-intelligence algorithm, this website analyses your looks, then sifts through the faces of millions of actors and actresses to reconstruct and retouch your image using the facial elements of people with similar features (and more money to spend on them). Whether you see the created portrait as an improvement is deemed irrelevant: indeed, the bods behind the tool say “there is no willingness to improve or deform the starting picture”. Instead, they say it is an exercise in exploring how AI views you and interprets your features. Still, there’s no denying…

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new voice commands

Play Mickey’s Game Show To celebrate 90 years of Mickey Mouse, say: “Hey Google, play Mickey’s Game Show” and answer a host of trivia questions about the cartoon rodent and his chums. Activate Siri on a Mac If you own one of the two MacBook Pros launched this year, say “Hey Siri” to call on the assistant. Just make sure the lid of the laptop is open when you do so. Make Skype calls To make hands-free Skype calls via Alexa-enabled devices, start a conversation with commands such as “Alexa, call Mum on Skype”. To set it up, go to Settings, Communication, Skype and log in.…

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need to know

Security flaw leaves routers vulnerable to NSA malware What happened? A combination of malware designed by US spies and a long-running flaw in old routers has let hackers potentially compromise more than a million devices, according to industry experts. Earlier this year, networking firm Akamai revealed a serious vulnerability in older routers. Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) – the networking protocol that allows devices to easily connect and discover each other – could be abused by hackers to hide their network traffic and open ports. It could let them slip past security protocols to attack anything connected to the internet via the router – such as a Windows PC, smart-home device or games console. Dubbing the flaw UPnProxy, Akamai’s security experts said as many as 270,000 routers could be vulnerable. Six months on, Akamai…

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first look

Apple Mac Mini bit.ly/mini464 A welcome reboot of the comparatively ancient 2014 model, the Apple Mac Mini 2018 is a compact computer that answers the question: “How do I get Mac OS without coughing up a fortune for a MacBook or iMac?”. The trim, space-grey unit is sleek and whisper-quiet, with a tiny footprint – just 7.7in square and 1.4in deep. While it offers the full desktop experience, you’ll barely notice its presence. The 100% recycled aluminium shell contains an i3 processor, 128GB SSD and 8GB DDR4 memory, but these run-of-the-mill specs belie a powerful device. According to Apple, the Mac Mini is five times faster than its predecessor, out-performing similar i5 and i7 Windows Mini PCs. And that’s just the £799 base edition. The premium off-the-shelf version, retailing at £1,099, delivers twice the storage,…