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hey alexa, say happy new year!

Pity Web User’s poor Advertising Manager, Alexa, who has been forced to get rid of her Amazon Echo after it kept interrupting and offering to help when people spoke to her! Although you can set your device’s ‘wake word’ to something else, if you’re called Alexa you’re probably better off changing your name, considering the huge popularity of Amazon’s voice assistant. Over the last two years, smart speakers such as the Echo and Google Home have become so clever that they’re almost sentient – indeed, you can ask yours to “open the pod bay doors” in tribute to the psychopathic HAL 9000 from 2001. In this issue’s cover feature, we celebrate the wonders of Alexa and Google Assistant by revealing 60 of the most useful and unusual things they can do. From…

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see google’s top searches for 2018

So, this year, did you learn how to floss dance, wonder what Bitcoin was, seek news about the royal wedding or become hooked on I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!? Then you haven’t been alone. These subjects were among the most popular search terms on Google in 2018 according to its annual Year In Search roundup, and they either make for enlightening or depressing reading depending on your point of view. Most dominant in our minds was the World Cup (even, surprisingly in the US where it trumped Hurricane Florence and Anthony Bourdain). Indeed, football topics were ahead of Meghan Markle, the movie Black Panther and Roxanne Pallett, whose ‘Punchgate’ controversy in the Big Brother house caused a minor scandal back in August. There are some surprises. A good number…

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what’s new online

Play an interactive Minecraft adventure bit.ly/minecraft465 With 150 million sales, the Microsoft-owned game Minecraft seems to be taking over the entertainment world block by block. As such, Minecraft: Story Mode is now available to enjoy on Netflix as an interactive “choose your own adventure” television show. And while viewers cannot directly control the characters – Netflix insists it’s not a game – it does let young viewers make key decisions that determine how the branching narrative plays out over the course of its five fun-filled episodes. Each instalment can be played on smart TVs, games consoles, computers and iOS devices using the various Netflix apps, with the concept neatly explained before the first episode gets underway. They can also be streamed via the dedicated Minecraft: Story Mode app on Android. Decision-making is determined…

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new voice commands

Receive polite responses In an attempt to make us more pleasant to our digital devices, Google Assistant is now specifically listening for “please” and “thank you”, rewarding you with politeness in return. Add OK Google to Siri You can now ask Siri to open Google Assistant on iOS. Open the Assistant app, tap Add to Siri and say “Hey Siri, OK Google”. Google Assistant will then be ready. Get delivery information Delivery company Hermes has launched a set of Alexa skills that let you find the nearest Hermes ParcelShop, set a designated safe place and ask for your parcels to be delivered to a neighbour.…

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7 most important questions for 2019

1 WILL REGULATORS FORCE FACEBOOK AND GOOGLE TO BE BROKEN UP? 2018 wasn’t a great year for the web giants. Facebook was heavily criticised over the Cambridge Analytica scandal, with demands for Mark Zuckerberg to explain his company’s actions to Parliament. Meanwhile, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai was hauled before US Congress to answer questions about its data collection and process for producing results, amid accusations of bias. And European Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager hit Google with a €4.3bn fine regarding the market dominance of Android. One concern is that even if web users are displeased with Facebook or Google’s behaviour, we’re all but locked in – it’s one thing to ditch Facebook, but are you ready to give up Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram as well? Given the current political climate, it’s…

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tumblr bans all adult content

What happened? Tumblr has confirmed that, after its app was pulled from Apple’s App Store due to “illegal pornography”, all adult content is now banned from the social-media platform. In a blog post titled ‘A better, more positive Tumblr’ (bit.ly/tumblr465), the company sounded the death knell for images, videos and GIFs featuring “real-life human genitals or female-presenting nipples”. The blanket ban isn’t limited to pornographic material; it also affects artwork, films and photos of content that was once categorised as ‘artistic’ but is now strictly tagged as NSFW (‘Not safe for work’). The only exceptions to the rule are “certain types of artistic, educational, newsworthy or political content featuring nudity”. Behind the scenes, Tumblr is relying on automated algorithms to locate and remove proscribed content. Human staff continue to oversee the system, but already…