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whatsapp in your life today?

As with many popular online tools including Google, Facebook, and Netflix – I was a relative latecomer to WhatsApp, suspicious that it might be another tech fad I’d come to just as everyone else was moving on. How foolish I was! Eight years after it launched – and three years after it was bought by Google – WhatsApp boasts more than a billion daily users worldwide. Even the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, who calls WhatsApp’s encryption “completely unacceptable”, reportedly uses the messaging service, so we’ve devoted this issue’s cover feature to revealing what’s so great about WhatsApp. From customising your messages and archiving your chats to fixing common annoyances and securing your account, we’ve packed six pages with every useful tip we could find for the messaging service. Even the most…

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what’s new online

Use less data with Messenger Lite Since Facebook Messenger launched six years ago, the app has introduced a variety of extra features. You can now play games, engage with chatbots, swap videos and share aspects of your life via Messenger Day. However, all these extras eat up data and put a strain on older phones with limited storage and slow processors, and make using Messenger more cumbersome over a slow internet connection. To tackle this problem, Facebook has finally brought Messenger Lite to the UK after debuting it in 100 mostly developing countries. Just install it on your Android phone or tablet, then log in with your usual Facebook details. You can make free calls over Wi-Fi; send messages, photos, videos and links; and hold group chats, all without the unnecessary bloat. Crucially,…

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firefox is reborn with ‘twice as fast’ quantum

What happened? As we reported in our ‘Stop using Firefox’ feature in Issue 433, Mozilla’s browser has slipped in popularity over the past few years, but the new version that’s about to arrive may give you reason to switch back. The battle between the browsers was a two-horse race back in 2008, with Mozilla’s Firefox a welcome alternative to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. That year, Firefox held a quarter of browser users, while IE dominated with about two-thirds. Within a few years of launch, Chrome’s fast loading times had elevated it to the top spot, knocking Firefox back to a tenth of the market share. Mozilla is now fighting back with a massive refresh of Firefox’s code that it claims will double your browsing speed. The updated browser has already arrived in beta form…

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first look

Google Pixel 2 bit.ly/pixel434 For the most part, the Google Pixel 2 is identical to last year’s Pixel. Not only is it made by HTC again, but the design has only been slightly tweaked. The power button gets a splash of colour, which makes it a little easier to spot, and while the phone still has a glass panel on its rear, it’s now thinner, freeing the rear-mounted fingerprint reader from its glassy prison. It comes in three distinct colours: Kinda Blue, Just Black and Clearly White. Sound for video and games is improved by the dual front-facing speakers but not everyone will be pleased by the lack of a headphone jack which limits you to USB Type-C headphones or analog headphones with the included adapter. Inside the Pixel 2, you’ll find an octa-core…

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will microsoft scrap its surface laptops?

The death knell is tolling for Microsoft’s Surface range if predictions from technology analyst Canalys are to be believed. Canalys said that Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, is a “software guy, a cloud guy”, which means the company’s tablet and laptop range is likely to go the same way as its Windows Phone division. But Nadella’s preference for software over hardware isn’t the only reason for predictions of demise for Surface. Despite being highly rated by many reviewers, Microsoft has struggled to make money from Surface, and earlier this year the high-end tablets and laptops were branded “unreliable” by a consumer watchdog. Canalys believes the Surface range will be “the first target” in an inevitable cost-cutting drive, and its predictions were backed up by hardware manufacturer Lenovo. “Microsoft is making a lot of…

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what’s new on kickstarter

IronWire bit.ly/ironwire434 | From £10 Phone cables aren’t designed to last for more than a year, and the amount of pulling, twisting and flexing we put them through means they sometimes don’t even last that long. IronWire cables, on the other hand, have been proven to withstand more than 20,000 bends to provide a tough but flexible solution for your phone-charging needs. Formed from a kevlar and nylon braid with 3cm tubing that passes through the charger connectors “for extra protection”, IronWire is available in iPhone, Micro USB and USB-C varieties, and is already close to hitting its £2,000 funding target.…