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take your voice control to the max

“You need hands,” crooned Max Bygraves in 1958, “to show that you’re sincere”. But 60 years on – to quote Max again – fings ain’t wot they used t’be, and the rise of voice assistants such as Alexa, Cortana and Siri means your hands are no longer so essential for all manner of tasks. If you were lucky enough to get a Google Home or Amazon Echo for Christmas, or you bought one before they were trendy, you’ll know how useful voice assistants can be, and are no doubt keen to try some new tricks. In this issue’s cover feature, we round up our favourite commands for speech-controlled personal assistants, from playing music to predicting the outcome of football matches. We also recommend the best smart speakers to buy, and address…

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what’s new online

See Google’s top searches for 2017 Given the political unrest the world has suffered in the past year, it’s heartening to see other issues obsessing the minds of people around the globe: namely, the ingredients needed to make slime. This query was the top trending “how to” of 2017 according to Google’s annual Year In Search round-up, ahead of “How to buy Bitcoin?”. In the UK, top “what is” queries included searches for definitions of a hung parliament and exit poll, and “What is the Antikythera mechanism” (an Ancient Greek ‘computer’). The top trending person in the UK for the second year running was the soon-to-be-royal Meghan Markle, ahead of the late Tara Palmer-Tomkinson. People were also keen to learn more about Hurricane Irma, the Manchester Arena bombing, Grenfell Tower, North Korea and…

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need to know

7 MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS FOR 2018 It’s going to be another fascinating year for the internet. Here are the questions we’re asking about the next 12 months in tech 1 Will Bitcoin crash? Long answer: At the beginning of 2017, one Bitcoin was worth less than $1,000 (£745). As the year comes to a close, the digital currency has topped $17,000 (£12,760) and is expected to keep climbing. Congratulations to anyone who mined Bitcoin or bought in when it was worth much less; and commiserations to everyone else who missed this trend (including us!). But will Bitcoin continue its march into the mainstream? Right now, it looks unlikely. While plenty of fortunes are being made – and lost – on Bitcoin, it’s still nowhere nearer to replacing cash. Indeed, the fluctuating value has made…

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first look

Asus NovaGo bit.ly/novago439 The Asus NovaGo is one of a new breed of ARM-driven Windows 10 laptops that promise superior battery life to Intel-based machines and always-on 4G connectivity. Asus claims that the NovaGo lasts for an amazing 22 hours per charge. Most equivalent Intel-based laptops last between five and 11 hours per charge, so that’s a huge advantage. Along with its 4G connectivity (think of it as a big smartphone with a built-in keyboard), that makes the NovaGo a very tempting proposition – especially compared to the many very expensive Windows 10 laptops we’ve seen recently. And yet, in its design and software, this is a Windows 10 laptop through and through. The NovaGo runs Windows 10 S, which can be upgraded to Windows 10 Pro (as long as you do so by…

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will the playstation 5 be like the nintendo switch?

The launch of the PlayStation 5 is still some way off, and most likely won’t happen until 2020, but that hasn’t stopped people speculating about Sony’s next games console. Interestingly, it looks as if the Nintendo Switch could have an influence on how the PS5 turns out. Speaking to the English version of Japan’s Nikkei newspaper (bit.ly/ nikkei439), Sony’s head of corporate planning, Kazuhiko Takeda, revealed that the company “can’t ignore the Nintendo Switch” because it has “captured consumers’ attention”. This doesn’t mean Sony is suddenly going to return to manufacturing portables after the failure of the PSP and PS Vita, but it does show that it’s paying attention to people’s desire for high-quality, flexible gaming. Takeda also explained that Sony’s plan for future growth revolves around the idea of getting “more…

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what’s new on indiegogo

Vixari bit.ly/vixari439 | From £57 Camera tripods are heavy to lug around and selfie sticks are annoying, so how best to take photos of yourself while travelling? Invest in a Vixari, that’s how. It’s “the most portable tripod ever”, equipped with a Bluetooth remote shutter and extendable legs that pull out of its compact body. Compatible with DSLR cameras and smartphones, it lets you capture steady self portraits from up to 30m. It works in landscape or portrait mode, and has a tilt head to shoot from angles. The Vixari team has already raised more than £190,000.…