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upcycle your dusty old devices

Blue Peter once encouraged kids to turn old Fairy Liquid bottles into plant pots, pen holders and space rockets, but in my neighbourhood they were invariably reused as mega-powered water pistols, capable of squirting soapy streams over great distances. Such clever repurposing must be what Nanette Newman meant when she claimed that Fairy lasts longer. In this issue’s cover feature, we extend the idea of creative ‘upcycling’ to the old phones, tablets and laptops that we all have gathering dust in our drawers and cupboards. From setting up a home security system and a digital photo frame to creating a dash cam for your car and a second monitor for your PC, we reveal how to save a fortune on new devices by finding ingenious uses for your old ones. Speaking of…

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doodle online with chrome canvas

Google is well known for its doodles (www.google.com/doodles) and it’s now letting you create sketches of your own using its new progressive web app, Chrome Canvas. This works in any browser that supports WebAssembly – simply choose a pen, pencil, marker, chalk or eraser, then quickly get to work on a piece of art. As well as selecting the size and opacity of your drawing instruments, you can choose a colour from a palette or click Custom for a specific hue – you can also enter this as a Hex code. If you make a mistake, just click the Undo button – or select Redo if you’ve been overzealous. Once you’ve finished, click Home and, as long as you’re signed into Google, your artwork will be saved. You can also export…

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what’s new online

Reply privately in WhatsApp www.whatsapp.com A handy new feature in WhatsApp for iOS (which was added to the Android version last year) lets you reply privately to messages sent in group chats, ensuring that only the selected person is able to see what you write. It’s a good way to send sensitive information that you don’t want the whole group to view, such as a phone number, while also allowing you to make candid remarks about other chat members without fear of them catching on. To use the new feature, open a group chat and long-press a message, then tap More and select Reply Privately (Android users need to tap the three-dot menu to see the option). The feature is one of three new iOS additions, with another letting you ‘3D touch’ a…

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new voice commands

Perform actions hands-free Google Assistant is now integrated with Google Maps for Android and iOS, so you can use your voice to navigate, respond to texts and control your music. Check your storage space Say “Hey Siri, how much free space do I have?” to check how much room there is on the hard drive of your Apple Mac. Hear news from favourite sources Say “Enable Noa” and ask Alexa to read the news from a range of top newspapers and magazines including the Independent, The Economist and the Financial Times.…

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need to know

Amazon’s smart doorbell isn’t so clever at respecting privacy What happened? The makers of the Ring smart doorbell have been accused of breaching users’ privacy by leaking streams of footage collected from the devices. Amazon bought Ring last year for $1bn. The company’s doorbells cost from £89 and have built-in cameras so users can see who is at their door and speak to them – for example, to identify a courier and ask them to leave a package somewhere safe or to spot a thief sneaking up to snatch it. The high-definition camera built into a Ring doorbell includes motion sensors and night vision, so it can watch for activity around your house at night, too. But while Ring helps protect your front door, other security concerns are raised by its constant video stream…

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first look

Lenovo Smart Clock www.lenovo.com Lenovo is hoping that this is the year we all stop using our phones to wake us up and return to the good old days of the bedside alarm clock. That said, its latest device is more than just a basic digital alarm clock – it’s a smart one, thanks to the inclusion of the excellent Google Assistant. That means no more hitting the snooze button, not least because this clock doesn’t have one; just tell Google to snooze your alarm instead. It’s a good looking unit, too, with a cute 480 x 800-pixel resolution 4in touchscreen and a body wrapped in neutral grey fabric. If you didn’t know Lenovo was behind it, you’d swear this clock came from the same stable as the Google Home Hub and Mini. The Wi-Fi…