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don’t fear the router!

Your router is the unsung hero of your wireless network. Without it, you wouldn’t have the freedom to browse the web in any room you want, but would be shackled to the nearest phone socket via Ethernet cable. Yet routers receive little love and attention from their owners, even when manufacturers jazz up their designs to make them look like Sauron’s helmet, which is why they’ve become such a popular target for hackers. While your poor old router works its antennas off to give you speedy Wi-Fi around your home, unscrupulous types are finding ways to exploit its weaknesses so they can hijack your network, steal your data and spread malware. In this issue’s cover feature, we explain how to lock down your router’s security to stop hackers, neighbours and untrustworthy…

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draw with an online etch a sketch

Etch A Sketch – the mechanical drawing toy introduced back in 1960 – is hardly cutting-edge today, but the idea of operating a couple of knobs to move a stylus vertically and horizontally to create something resembling art still feels rather magical. London-based developer Rowan Merewood clearly thinks so because he has gone to the effort of creating a brilliant browser-based version, which he dubs (for trademark reasons) Web A Skeb. This takes a little more getting used to than the physical version because the knobs are digital and need to be twiddled by moving your mouse from one side of the screen to another. The effect, however, is exactly the same and it really comes into its own on a touchscreen device, where you can lay thumbs on either side and…

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what’s new online

Check whether your passport is valid bit.ly/passport468 There have been so many twists and turns surrounding Brexit that the information we’re about to give you could be wrong by the time you read it. As it stands, however, a no-deal Brexit means potential trouble for anyone with less than six months to go on their passport, whereas any deal or delays could mean things continue as they are – allowing you to return from an EU country until the day the passport is due to expire. In any case, to help travellers, the government has launched a new passport-checking tool that asks you to specify which country you’re traveling to, when you’re going, your date of birth, the date your passport was issued and when it is going to expire. It will then…

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new voice commands

Auto-add punctuation Dictate messages to Google Assistant and it will now detect the context and the tone of your voice, automatically adding commas, full stops and question marks. Take the Siri challenge Say “Siri, what is one trillion to the tenth power?” to hear an interminable string of zeros being read out. Some musicians have put this to music and posted the results on social media. Play with The Sims Fans of The Sims can now use Alexa to play a trivia game with up to four people and listen to songs from the life-simulation game. Say “Alexa, play The Sims” and “ask The Sims to play music”.…

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need to know

Facebook to integrate Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger What happened? Facebook is planning to pull together the company’s three messaging services into one platform, according to a report in the New York Times (bit.ly/nytimes468 ). Facebook has long had its own chatting app, Messenger, and bought rival service WhatsApp in 2014. Instagram, the photo-sharing tool that also let users send private messages, was bought by the company in 2012. Currently, the three apps are completely separate but, according to the NY Times report, Facebook plans to unify them to the same set of code, so users of one app can message users of another without having to install each one individually: for example, if you’re on WhatsApp, you can send a message to someone on Instagram. Such a move raises privacy and security concerns, particularly…

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first look

Microsoft Surface Headphones bit.ly/headphones468 Microsoft’s range of Surface products includes tablets, laptops, desktop PCs – and the company is now taking on audio specialists such as Bose, Nuraphone and Sony by producing a set of noise-cancelling headphones. The Microsoft Surface Headphones are Bluetooth-based wireless headphones that isolate you from the outside world through the magic of active noise-cancelling (ANC) technology. They have intuitive touch controls and big twisty dials that let you adjust the volume and tweak the level of external noise cancellation. Weighing 292g, these headphones aren’t too heavy, and the ear pads are very soft, so you can wear them for long periods without discomfort. They also clamp firmly to your head, so they won’t fly off if you wear them while jogging. On either side of the ear cups, you’ll find touch-sensitive…