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hooray for valley leisure centre!

The fascinating website All Acronyms (www.allacronyms.com) lists 114 different meanings for ‘VLC’ (which is technically an initialism, not an acronym). My favourites include Very Low Calorie, Virginia Lacrosse Club and the Village Library of Cooperstown, all of which sound more interesting than VideoLAN Client. Fortunately, that VLC is the best one of all (sorry Vancouver Lake Crew) – a marvellous free media player that can handle any audio or video file, on any device. In this issue’s cover feature, we pay tribute to the versatile VLC by revealing our ultimate power tips for the program. From recording your desktop and downloading from YouTube to streaming web radio and converting videos into jigsaws, our very large collection of VLC tricks has plenty of new stuff for you to discover. Speaking of large collections,…

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play google’s shadow puppet game

Shadow puppetry is an ancient Asian storytelling technique and Google’s fun new game updates the concept for the 21st Century. After asking you to specify your zodiac animal or enter your date of birth, it challenges you to form 12 shadow animals by positioning your hands in front of your webcam or mobile device’s camera – a feat that sounds simple but takes a bit of practice to get right. Thankfully, for the first animal, you’re given a fair amount of time to get to grips with both the concept and the tricky task of contorting your hands into the outline shown on screen. From then on, it’s a race against the clock as you bid to unlock as many of the 12 animals as you can, with the shadows forming…

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what’s new online

Stream music while navigating in Google Maps maps.google.co.uk Don’t sit in silence while stuck in traffic or risk getting lost when you embark on a journey: use Google Maps’ tie-in with Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music to listen to songs while being directed to your destination. The latest version of the Google Maps app provides a set of controls to play and pause tracks, and skip back and forth between them. You don’t even have to leave the navigation screen, although with one press you’ll be directed to the streaming service to select an album, podcast or playlist before quickly returning to the map. Obviously, you shouldn’t fiddle with the screen while driving, but streaming is easy to set up. In iOS, tap the menu button and select the Settings cog,…

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new voice commands

Keep track of your health Add the health-tracking app Lifesum to Google and say “talk to Lifesum”, then add meals (“add a large dinner”) and track your weight (“I weigh 80kg”). Use AirPods hands-free The forthcoming iOS 12.2 will support hands-free commands using Siri on the next generation of AirPods. It’s currently being tested in the beta version of the next operating system update. Enjoy interactive books Two titles from the Choose Your Own Adventure series – The Abominable Snowman and Journey Under the Sea – are now available as audio stories. Say “Alexa, open Choose Your Own Adventure”.…

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need to know

Hotel-booking sites forced to end misleading sales tactics What happened? “Only one room left at this price!”. “Booked twice in the last hour!”. If you’ve ever browsed holiday accommodation online, you’re sure to have seen these alerts, which are designed to ramp up the urgency and harry you into making a booking. However, the pressure will soon be off because such tactics, along with hidden charges, have been banned by the Competition Markets Authority (CMA). Six leading websites have agreed to make changes to their practices after an investigation by the CMA uncovered serious concerns around pressure selling, misleading discounts and reordering results listings to earn commission. The changes must be applied by 1 September, although some websites may decide to roll out improvements sooner. Expedia, Booking.com , Agoda, Hotels.com, Ebookers and Trivago…

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WE LIKE... Google adds dark mode to Chrome Google is to introduce a long-requested dark mode to its Chrome browser for Windows and Mac OS. The feature is currently being tested in the Chrome Canary developers’ build and should appear in Chrome 74, which is due for release in April. Flickr extends deletion deadline Flickr is now giving users until 12 March to download their photos from the service before it deletes them, following the controversial introduction of a 1,000-image limit for free accounts. It previously planned to remove photos on 5 February. WE DON’T LIKE... Instagram forces IGTV on users Instagram has started showing auto-playing previews of clips from its IGTV video-sharing service directly in its users’ main feeds. The vertical videos from the unpopular service appear between posts from people you follow. Mumsnet suffers data breach Mumsnet…