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What's on TV 17-Apr-2021

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Published by TI Media Limited What’s on TV is a value-packed, easy-to-use weekly magazine, full of TV information, features and listings. The Soapweek section gives you in-depth story updates and the double-page Soap Diary gives you a rundown of upcoming plots, complete with "must-see" moments flagged up. The TV Week and Real Life sections cover the best of the week's programmes, and there are seven days of clearly set out listings. ENGLAND edition

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hot tv this week

new Call the Midwife SUNDAY 18 April, 8pm BBC1 Drama Our favourite midwives and nuns enjoy the heady days of 1966 – including England’s famous World Cup victory – in this latest seven-part series, as the fight to save Nonnatus House continues. Luckily, Sister Julienne comes up with a plan to generate much-needed income. While the idea causes tension with Dr Turner, Trixie is thrilled that it will give her the chance to be challenged professionally. Meanwhile, the birth of a baby boy leads Dr Turner to worry he may have another thalidomide case on his hands… FULL STORY P11 new Martin & Roman’s Weekend Best! SATURDAY SUNDAY 17-18 April, 8.30am ITV Entertainment The Kemps are back to brighten up our weekends. And this time we get to wake up with them for two days, as they have…

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grab a grand!

new IN FOR A PENNY Saturday, 7pm ITV Entertainment Q Are you happy to be hosting a new series of In for a Penny? A I’m more excited than normal because we thought we wouldn’t be able to do it due to COVID. So it meant we had to work on new, socially distanced games – for us, it was safety first and fun a close second. Q What changes have you had to make? A I now have a pair of gold sparkly gloves. Changes we made had to fit in with the celebratory idea of the show – blue latex gloves don’t scream entertainment! So, along with my gold sparkly jacket, I now have gold sparkly gloves, which I use in the game Weigh to Go, where players have to guess the weight of their…

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what’s hot! what’s not!

Thriller winner BBC1’s Line of Duty once again reigned supreme on Easter Sunday night, pulling in 8.6m viewers. The third episode of the police drama beat Midsomer Murders on ITV in the same slot, which got 3.4m. Tiger turn-off ITV documentary Britain’s Tiger Kings – On the Trail with Ross Kemp on Tuesday 30 March saw the former EastEnder meet UK owners of big cats, but struggled, with only 2.1m tuning in. A new series of drama The Syndicate drew 3.3m over on BBC1.…

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Best known for… Paul played the much-loved head of the Goodman family, Martin, in the C4 series Friday Night Dinner. He also had roles in a host of other shows, including Sky drama Chernobyl. Other achievements… He appeared in numerous films, including Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, where he played Eldred Worple. He also took on the role of Guy Haines, special adviser to the British Prime Minister, in the 2008 Bond movie Quantum of Solace. Family life…. Paul died from a brain tumour on 5 April, aged 54. He’s survived by his wife, Polly, and their sons, Frank and Noah.…

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blast from the past!

LINE OF DUTY Sunday, 9pm BBC1 Drama Superintendent Ted Hastings’ days are now numbered in AC-12, as his bosses are forcing him to retire and his beloved anti-corruption unit is going to be subjected to cutbacks. But he’s not going quietly… Before he bows out, Line of Duty’s most dogged cop is determined to uncover the truth about the murder of journalist Gail Vella. While the team look further into the dodgy police activities Gail was researching before she was killed, more information also comes to light about shady DCI Joanne Davidson. But just as Hastings believes he’s finally making in-roads, he’s stunned when frosty DCS Patricia Carmichael (Anna Maxwell Martin), who interrogated him on suspicion of corruption, suddenly reappears. As she delivers some devastating news about AC-12’s enquiries, how will Hastings react? ‘Time’s running…

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don’t take my daughter!

THE SYNDICATE Tuesday, 9pm BBC1 Drama With their stay in Monaco costing a fortune, time is fast running out for the Woodvale Kennels syndicate – and they’re still no closer to proving newsagent Frank stole their winning lottery ticket. As Keeley and Jake discuss why they split, Jake (Kieran Urquhart) opens up about the bitter custody battle he’s locked in with his ex-girlfriend Georgina over their daughter, Eva. With no home or steady income, Jake’s convinced he’s not going to win, especially as Georgina has been lying about him to her solicitor. ‘Georgina knows what she wants and is manipulative, especially towards Jake,’ says Katie McGlynn, who plays her. ‘She wants her life to be set up with her daughter and she’ll do anything to get that.’ Can the syndicate track down their stolen millions, so…