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What's on TV 03-Jul-2021

Published by TI Media Limited What’s on TV is a value-packed, easy-to-use weekly magazine, full of TV information, features and listings. The Soapweek section gives you in-depth story updates and the double-page Soap Diary gives you a rundown of upcoming plots, complete with "must-see" moments flagged up. The TV Week and Real Life sections cover the best of the week's programmes, and there are seven days of clearly set out listings. ENGLAND edition

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hot tv this week

new Monsters at Work From WEDNESDAY 7 July, 10 episodes (released weekly) Disney+ Animation It’s hard to believe it’s almost 20 years since Monsters, Inc. came out, but now Sulley and Mike are back for this series set after the 2002 film. It follows Tylor Tuskmon, who dreams of working on the power plant’s Laugh Floor with the monsters, once again voiced by John Goodman and Billy Crystal. FULL STORY P14 Casualty SAT 3 July, 9.30pm BBC1 Drama Temperatures rise when a familiar face turns up in Casualty this week! Villainous former hospital CEO Vanessa Lytton (Men Behaving Badly star Leslie Ash) is admitted to the ED with mild-mannered new hubby Mike (Coronation Street’s Bill Ward) by her side. Elsewhere, Charlie’s caught up in a catfishing scandal, and Lev’s father Anton (comedian Alexei Sayle) makes a macho…

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land of song!

new MICHAEL BALL’S WONDERFUL WALES Friday, 8pm Channel 5 Factual Q Your mum’s family were from Wales. Was exploring your ancestry partly why you wanted to do this series? A Yes, it was lovely seeing family and friends and discovering the rest of this incredible country. The singing comes from the Welsh side of my family. My gran, Agnes, was from the Cynon Valley. She was a fabulous singer and always encouraged me. Q What are your highlights from the series? A I went on a speedboat ride in Cardiff Bay, but I didn’t bring the right gear, so I was soaked to my pants! I also drove a boat on Llangollen Canal, which goes over this amazing narrow aqueduct, and I loved cockle picking on the Gower Peninsula. Q You develop a bit of a Welsh…

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Best known for… Joe starred in TV series Tarzan: The Epic Adventures from 1996 to 1997, focusing on the jungle legend’s early life before marrying Jane. Joe previously played the iconic character in the 1989 movie Tarzan in Manhattan. Other achievements… He also had roles in Baywatch (1993) and the TV series of The Magnificent Seven (2000). Joe later gave up acting to become a country music singer. Family life… He married author and church leader Gwen Shamblin in 2018. Joe, 58, died in Tennessee on 29 May when a light aircraft carrying seven people, including Joe and Gwen, crashed shortly after taking off.…

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jeni exposed?

HOLBY CITY Tuesday, 7.50pm BBC1 Drama Holby’s director of funding Jeni Sinclaire has been a huge support to new beau Fletch as his relationship with teenage daughter Evie has become strained. However, this week, it’s revealed Jeni’s not all she seems… With the hospital under inspection, Jeni’s horrified when she spots a patient, Rich, who claims he’s been bitten by a dog – but the bite mark is clearly human. It turns out Jeni knows Rich… Jeni grooms underage girls for paying men and Rich is a client! When Jeong suggests getting the police involved in Rich’s case, Jeni fears her secret will be exposed. Rich says he’ll keep quiet if Jeni finds him a new girl – Evie… ‘Jeni’s always looking for a business opportunity,’ says Debra Stephenson, who plays her. ‘She thought Evie…

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breaking point?

THE HANDMAID’S TALE Sunday, 9pm C4 Drama After being betrayed last week while on a secret resistance mission, June (Elisabeth Moss) has been captured by the repressive Republic of Gilead – and now she’s locked up in a remote facility where she’s being tortured in a bid to make her reveal where the other fugitive handmaids are hiding. June is absolutely determined she won’t betray her friends, despite the escalating threats – but Gilead may have the upper hand when June learns they’ve also captured someone very close to her, who’ll be in serious danger if she doesn’t start talking. Will June be broken? Or can she find another way to fight back at the regime.…

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coming soon…

★ The silly spooks are back for a third series of Ghosts on BBC1, with Alison and Mike (Charlotte Ritchie, Kiell Smith-Bynoe) working hard to bring their new ‘guest house’ plans to fruition. The peace is disrupted, however, by an unexpected visitor who arrives with a life-changing revelation… ★ Dame Mary Berry is back for a second series of Love to Cook on BBC2. She’ll be sharing recipes and travelling the British Isles to find kindred spirits who share her passion for cooking, growing and producing food. ★ Set in the 1990s, Cruel Summer is a thriller series on Amazon Prime Video that tells how popular teen Kate (Olivia Holt, left) goes missing, causing socially awkward Jeanette (Chiara Aurelia) to become the most despised girl in America. ★ The Scream on Sky Documentaries…