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new The Madame Blanc Mysteries SATURDAY 16 October, 9pm Channel 5 Drama There’s a shock for antiques dealer Jean (Sally Lindsay) when husband Rory dies suddenly and she discovers their shop has been remortgaged and all of their assets pawned off. The only thing left is their cottage in the French town of Sainte Victoire, so Jean heads there to find clues to the mystery. This six-part drama also features Benidorm’s Steve Edge, Only Fools and Horses star Sue Holderness and comedian Paul Chuckle. FULL STORY P11 Who Do You Think You Are? TUESDAY 19 October, 9pm (Wales, 10.35pm) BBC1 Factual It’s the turn of Dame Judi Dench to trace her family tree and unearth some amazing secrets from her past, including the truth behind how her father won his gallantry medals during World War One. Digging…

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just the two of us!

new BEVERLEY AND JORDAN: DESTINATION WEDDING Wednesday, 8pm (not Scotland) ITV Factual Q Tell us about the series and how the idea came about? A Beverley: After Jordan and I did I’m a Celebrity together last year, ITV said they loved the relationship between us and wanted us to do something together. I mentioned to them that my husband Jon and I had been planning to renew our wedding vows last year in Spain but that COVID put paid to that. In a big coincidence, Jordan’s parents live 10 minutes from my place in Spain. Two weeks later, we got an email with the idea for the show! Q So what will you be getting up to on the show? A Jordan: We travel from the top of Spain to the bottom, It was over 900…

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what’s hot! what’s not!

Hollington hit! ITV’s new series Hollington Drive got off to a good start on 29 Sept, with 3.6m viewers tuning in. The drama easily beat BBC1 documentary 28 Up: Millennium Generation, which drew an audience of just 1.8m. Midsomer murdered! Despite guest appearances by Adrian Edmondson and Caroline Quentin, a new episode of ITV’s Midsomer Murders on 3 October only pulled in 3.3m viewers. BBC1’s Ridley Road won the night with an audience of 3.8m.…

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Best known for… British audiences will know US actor Cynthia best for playing American socialite Wallis Simpson in the hit 1978 ITV drama series Edward & Mrs Simpson, opposite Edward Fox as King Edward VIII. She received a BAFTA nomination for the role. Other achievements… Cynthia also starred in the US sitcom Mad About You in the 1990s. She made appearances in many American shows including Kojak, Hart to Hart, LA Law and Murder, She Wrote. Family life… She died in New York on 3 October, aged 87. She wed Eugene Wolsk from 1961 but they divorced in 1972. She’s survived by her partner Nathan Silverstein.…

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desperate to die!

HOLBY CITY Tue, 7.50pm (Scot, 8.20pm) BBC1 Drama Following Lucky Simpson’s request to help her die, Max McGerry asks nurse Kylie to try to lift Lucky’s spirits. However, having a colleague feed and bathe her makes Lucky even more determined to end her life. ‘Lucky’s predicament is a difficult thing to get your head around,’ admits Vineeta Rishi, who plays her. ‘You have to try to imagine yourself in that situation.’ To give Lucky a change of scene, Kylie (Amy Murphy) takes her outside, where Kylie reveals that Martin – the patient who sexually assaulted her – is up in court. Lucky persuades Kylie to attend and says she’s proud of her. While they’re out, Kylie takes some photos, but Lucky is horrified by the sight of herself in a wheelchair and tells Max she’ll…

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who’s the boss?

CASUALTY Saturday, 9.35pm BBC1 Drama As another busy day in the ED begins, all eyes are on who’s going to be in charge, as acting clinical lead Dylan Keogh doesn’t want the job permanently. Dylan (William Beck) is still in boss mode, though, when he notices Ethan Hardy’s hand shake while performing a medical procedure. In private, Ethan confides in Dylan that, since his lover Fenisha died, he hasn’t been taking his medication. Meanwhile, Stevie Nash (Elinor Lawless) has spotted Dylan and Ethan talking and demands to know what they’re hiding. Conversely, Dylan has noticed Stevie’s hostility towards Ethan and wants to know why she feels that way… ‘Ethan and Stevie have a very complex relationship,’ says George Rainsford, who plays Ethan. ‘This storyline runs in conjunction with Ethan trying to shake off his grief…