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hot tv this week

LAST IN SERIES! The Outlaws MONDAY 29 November, 9pm (Scotland, 10.35pm) BBC1 Comedy drama The lively comedy drama comes to a close and in this final episode lawyer Greg has a big dilemma as he’s caught between disbarment and dismemberment! Lady Gabby and Myrna join with others on a rescue mission, and Diane helps the group the only way she knows how – inadvertently. Meanwhile, Frank edges close to reconciliation with Margaret, Rani confronts her parents, John is on course for a massive falling out with his dad and Christian is cornered by both the police and his enemies… LAST IN SERIES! Who Do You Think You Are? TUESDAY 30 November, 9pm BBC1 Factual Former Labour MP, Cabinet minister and Strictly contestant Ed Balls looks into his family tree in the final episode of the series and…

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a crafty christmas!

new KIRSTIE’S HANDMADE CHRISTMAS Friday, 8pm C4 Factual Q Are you looking forward to Christmas? A I’m beside myself with excitement for it. I already know where I’m going to be carol singing on Christmas Eve! It can’t come early enough! Q Who are your guests in this year’s seasonal special? A We have an amazing screen printer called Sophie Darling, Coinneach MacLeod, AKA the Hebridean Baker, and fantastic Mauritian cook Shelina Permalloo. My sister, Sofie, was invited without my knowing, too! And we have Phil Spencer! Q Do you make lots of food, drink and decorations? A The Hebridean Baker made delicious cocktails with marmalade whisky, and a trifle, also with whisky. I did wreath-making with my sister – she’s a very talented florist. And then Shelina cooked the meal I’m going to have on Christmas Day…

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Best known for… From 1977 to 1979, Clifford starred in the BBC1 wartime drama Secret Army, which followed the Belgian resistance. Clifford played fanatical Nazi Ludwig Kessler, who was out to stop them. The 1981 spin-off Kessler, set in the 1980s, saw the character in hiding and pursued by Nazi hunters. Other achievements… Clifford appeared in US series War and Remembrance, was King George V in the movie Wallis & Edward (2005) and had leading roles in Fortunes of War (1987) and G.B.H. (1991). Family life… Clifford died on 6 November, aged 92. His wife Celia passed away in 2012 and they had two children.…

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judgement day!

LAST IN SERIES! SHOWTRIAL Sunday, 9pm BBC1 Drama Posh student and murder suspect Talitha has been hard to like from the start in legal drama Showtrial. As the trial of Talitha (Celine Buckens) and her friend Dhillon draws to a close, Talitha’s lawyer Cleo (Tracy Ifeachor) faces the tricky decision of whether to put her client on the stand. Since Talitha’s so unpredictable, Cleo’s advice on how Talitha should behave in court is, ‘Be yourself.’ ‘I love her complexity,’ says Celine, of her character. ‘Talitha is privileged, brassy and rubs people up the wrong way, but she’s also funny. She is unfiltered, which is rare to see in life and on screen.’ So will the testimony tip the balance, or will the jury’s opinion of Talitha’s class and sexual history be the determining factor? For Celine, that…

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kidnap nightmare!

CASUALTY Saturday, 9.35pm BBC1 Drama Rash Masum is on edge after reporting childhood friend Hafsa Kazimi to the police to avoid being blackmailed by her into treating injured gang members. Now, the doctor is in fear for his life! Terrified Rash (Neet Mohan) is snatched from the street, bundled into the boot of a car and driven to a derelict church. There, he comes face to face with drug dealer Hafsa (Zainab Hasan), who’s been stabbed. Bloodied Hafsa orders Rash to treat her injuries. At first, he refuses and insists she goes to hospital. But when a knife is held to the throat of teenager Rayan, who Rash tried to help escape gang life, he’s forced to reconsider. With Rayan accused of snitching to the police, Rash comes clean to save his life, and…

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josh in therapy

HOLBY CITY Tue, 7.50pm (Scotland, 8.20pm) BBC1 Drama After weeks of battling in secret, medic Josh Hudson found the courage to open up to partner Ange Godard about his bulimia. But as he takes his first steps towards seeking help, it’s clear his recovery is going to be an uphill struggle. Having agreed to therapy, Josh is daunted by his first group session, but is pressured by Ange (Dawn Steele) and mentor Eli Ebrahimi (Davood Ghadami) into going. ‘Josh finds therapy extremely difficult,’ says Trieve Blackwood-Cambridge, who plays him. ‘Answering questions about his past and confronting his demons is the last thing he’d want to do. Therapy is too triggering, too painful for Josh to navigate.’ In the group, Josh meets Claudia (Lottie Tolhurst), and the pair soon form a bond as they refuse to…