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new Landscapers TUE 7 Dec, 9pm Sky Atlantic Drama All four eps will be on Sky Box Sets and NOW from 7 Dec Olivia Colman stars as real-life convicted killer Susan Edwards, who, along with her husband Christopher (David Thewlis), is suddenly thrust in the spotlight when her parents are discovered buried in their back garden in Mansfield. The four-part drama, based on real events, explores how the crime went undiscovered for more than 10 years. But what drove the couple to murder? FULL STORY P11 Holby City TUESDAY 7 December, 7.50pm (Scotland, 8.20pm) BBC1 Drama Get ready for some tears and trauma for Dom as the health of his mother Carole continues to decline. As she nears the end of her life, Sacha encourages medic Dom to take her to the fishing lake as he’d promised…

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pulling together

HOLBY CITY Tue, 7.50pm (Scot, 8.20pm) BBC1 Drama Q How did you react when you learnt about medic Josh’s bulimia storyline? A I was honoured to have the opportunity to unpack such an important storyline. I knew this story would have challenges, but I felt passionately about exploring bulimia through a different lens. I feel that bulimia, especially among men, isn’t discussed enough. I jumped at the opportunity. Q After Josh recently sought therapy for his bulimia, his partner, Ange (Dawn Steele), has wondered if their relationship might be in trouble. Will they stay strong? A Josh’s initial fears over opening up to Ange about his bulimia came from an insecurity of their age difference, something Josh has always felt he needs to over compensate for. Ange acknowledges Josh’s courage in being transparent about his…

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Driven to succeed! The new series of Top Gear on BBC1 on 14 November did well, with 4m tuning in. It beat the last episode of ITV’s The Larkins, which attracted 3.3m, way down on the 5.1m the opener gained. No-show audience BBC1’s courtroom drama Showtrial struggled in the 9pm slot on 14 November, with just 2.2m tuning in for the third episode. The last instalment of ITV thriller Angela Black gripped 3.2m, as lead character Angela took her revenge on her cruel husband.…

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Best known for… Dean was famous in the early 1990s as Al Calavicci, Dr Sam Beckett’s cigar-smoking hologrammed best friend, in the US time-travel series Quantum Leap. The role won him four Emmy nominations and a Golden Globe. Other achievements… He went on to appear in Star Trek: Enterprise and, from 2006, the revival of Battlestar Galactica. On the big screen, he starred in several films, including Dune (1984), Beverly Hills Cop II (1987), Married to the Mob (1989) and Air Force One (1997). Family life… Dean died on 7 November, aged 85. He’s survived by his two children from his second marriage to Joy Marchenko. WORDS: HANNAH DAVIES, JO LEWIS, VICTORIA WILSON. PHOTOS: ALAMY, BBC…

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rob’s betrayal

CLOSE TO ME Sunday, 9pm C4 Drama Jo was heartbroken when she remembered that her husband Rob was having an affair with his work colleague, Anna, in last week’s episode. However, recalling the traumatic moment she discovered his betrayal soon triggers the return of other memories from the last year of Jo’s life, which she lost following her fall… This week, Jo remembers how Rob (Christopher Eccleston) had asked to borrow some of her inheritance to keep his failing real-estate business afloat. She agreed to lend him the money, but that was before she’d learnt of his infidelity – and that he was expecting a child with Anna (Leanne Best). Jo then starts to remember the events that led up to her terrible fall and comes within touching distance of finally discovering what happened on that…

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unwelcome guests!

new TWO DOORS DOWN Mon, 10pm (NI, 11.45pm) BBC2 Comedy As Two Doors Down returns, Beth and Eric are planning a low-key celebratory meal at home with their son Ian and his fiancé Gordon to mark the couple’s two years together. But when their overbearing neighbours Colin and Cathy hear that Beth is making a curry, they invite themselves over, as usual. Beth and Eric’s other neighbour – fault-finding Christine – also drops by and stays to eat, despite having an upset stomach. Colin and Cathy make it crystal clear they’re unhappy there’s no meat in the chickpea-and-cauliflower curry Beth has made for vegetarian Gordon. Then, on learning he didn’t step in after Ian got punched in an altercation, Christine, Colin and Cathy bombard Gordon with tips on how he should have dealt with the…