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Woman & Home Feel Good Food Autumn 2015

Published by TI Media Limited Woman & Home Feel Good is the only wellbeing and fitness title that offers women of any age, any shape, any fitness level, the inspiration to feel fabulous every day. Simple changes that fit real life are the prescription to make the most of your looks, feel younger, fitter, and slimmer, reduce stress, get more vitality and live a healthier life. The magazine is divided into sections focusing on wellbeing, beauty, diet, fitness, health and ‘inner you’ and is packed with tips, expert advice and best buys.

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our symbols, which give you information at a glance: • GREAT FOR VEGGIES• GREAT FOR VEGANS• GLUTEN FREE• MEAT FREE Meat-free recipes can contain fish or a sauce containing fish, such as Worcestershire sauce PLUS recipes that are: EASY PREPARE AHEAD FREEZABLE Practical stuff •We use measuring spoons and all quantities are level. •All eggs are medium and free-range. •Use metric or imperial weights and measures; don’t mix the two. •We don’t specify salt and pepper in our ingredients list, but we always tell you to season food. The use, or not, of salt is up to you. •Each recipe has been nutritionally analysed. The recommended daily allowance (RDA) of calories is 2,000 for women and 2,500 for men. The RDA for fat is 70g for women (no more than 20g saturated) and 95g for men (no more than 30g saturated). •Ovens vary…

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Welcome to our Autumn edition of Feel Good Food . There’s something about the season of mist and mellow fruitfulness which really gets me back into the kitchen to do proper cooking! By that I mean comfort food, baking and slow cooking, as opposed to the salads and grills of summer (which I also love, by the way!). So I hope we’ve enough warming dishes in this issue to tempt you. Our cover star is a must-cook, such a deliciously moist apple cake, they will be coming back for seconds! We’ve enlisted some new cooks and chefs, too, who have all released some fabulous books this year, and – as ever – we have cut out calories where we don’t think they are needed, but without compromising on taste and flavour.…

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meet our contributors…

Jo Pratt Cook, food stylist and best-selling author, Jo has written six cookbooks, including The Nation’s Favourite Food and In the Mood for Entertaining. After graduating in home economics at John Moore’s University in Liverpool, Jo went on to work for Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, John Torode and Gary Rhodes. Last year she joined up with fellow chefs Sophie Michell, Gee Charman and Caroline Artiss to launch The Gorgeous Kitchen, a contemporary restaurant specialising in global cuisine at Heathrow’s Terminal 2. In her latest book, Jo whips up simple, healthy meals that everyone can enjoy – accompanied by her usual handy tips. There is no calorie counting or diet advice, just fresh ingredients bursting with flavour and goodness. Anna Jones Anna quit her office job after reading an article about following your passion. She…

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what’s in season?

BRITISH FRUIT & VEG Avoid bruised fruit and make sure the veg you buy is fresh and firm, not limp and rough-looking! •BEANS (RUNNER AND BROAD) There won’t be too many about now, so enjoy them steamed, tossed in a little butter or olive oil and freshly ground black pepper. Delicious! •BEETROOT Have it in soups, salads or just on its own, grated when warm. You can boil it, but we love it roasted – or buy it already cooked and vacuum-packed (without vinegar). •BLACKCURRANTS Although they are coming to an end, these freeze really well, so it’s worth buying extra to go into winter crumbles and cobblers. •BROCCOLI Whether you like it cooked until soft or al dente, broccoli is packed full of nutrients and goes really well with salty flavours. So try some with anchovies and olive…

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4 delicious squash dishes

Warm squash and quinoa salad Can’t find gem squash? You could use one harlequin squash, instead. READY IN 30 MINUTES SERVES 6 EASY/PREPARE AHEAD • 2 gem squash or 1/2 butternut squash (or a mixture), peeled and cut into wedges• 1 red onion, cut into thin wedges• 4tbsp olive oil• 400g can chickpeas, rinsed and drained• 200g red and white quinoa with bulgur wheat• 4tbsp white wine vinegar• 2tsp caster sugar• 8tbsp chopped fresh coriander• 125g feta• lemon wedges, to serve (optional) 1 Heat the oven to 220C, gas 7. Put the squash and onion wedges in a roasting tin. Sprinkle with 2tbsp oil and roast for 10 minutes. Add the chickpeas to one side of the tin and roast for a further 15 minutes. 2 Add the quinoa to a pan with 600ml boiling water. Bring…

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eat smart 10 storecupboard essentials

1 Pomegranate molasses is now available in most supermarkets. It is a thick, dark liquid with a sweet/sour taste and is used in Middle Eastern cooking. But simply used, it’s delicious just drizzled on to a steak or grilled lamb, or over a goats’ cheese and beetroot salad – no dressing required! 2 There are plenty of vinegars on the shelf, but you really only need three – white wine, red wine and balsamic. An aged balsamic will be expensive, but you only need a tiny drizzle of it and you should use it on its own. If you want a balsamic for a dressing to mix with oil, just buy a reasonable one. Wine vinegars from single grape varieties are invariably great quality and worth a try. 3 Did you know…