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Woman's Own

Woman's Own


Published by Time Inc. (UK) Ltd Woman's Own is one of the best loved weeklies for women who know how to enjoy life, are fun-loving, confident and whatever their age, feel 10 years younger. It delivers a weekly mix of news, views, celebrity gossip and intriguing real-life. It's smart, surprising, and straight talking.

United Kingdom
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52 Issues


1 min.
cold feet

The five friends, played by James Nesbitt, Hermione Norris, Robert Bathurst, Fay Ripley and John Thomson, have made a welcome return for their ninth series. Adam and Karen (Nesbitt and Norris) are struggling to deal with their new situation, not aided by animosity from the kids – or the arrival of Karen’s mother, Heather. Jenny (Ripley) knows she should be enjoying life now that her cancer treatment is over, but her return to normal is proving more difficult than expected. David (Bathurst) has taken on the cafe full-time and is relishing his new role until a former adversary reappears, while Pete (Thomson) has been summoned for jury duty. ● Mondays, ITV COVER PHOTOS: GETTY, SHUTTERSTOCK. ON THIS PAGE: ITV…

2 min.
get the goss

Gemma Collins gives veganism the boot! Having struggled with her weight, Gemma once hinted she’d slimmed down by turning vegan. She shared a photo to her followers with the hashtags #veganlifestyle and #eatlifenotdeath. But Gemma recently overhauled her eating regime and ditched her vegan diet in favour of more proteins, particularly steaks, in a bid to boost her metabolism. ‘I’ve lost three stone and I feel better than ever,’ she said. ‘I try to have everything in moderation now.’ Simon Cowell eats raw veg The X Factor boss has credited his 20lb weight loss to a strict vegan diet after an expert advised him to stop eating meat, dairy, wheat and sugar in favour of water and raw vegetables – something that Simon admits his five-year-old son Eric likes. Simon said, ‘I’m on…

3 min.
has coleen gone too far?

‘Some may think the joke’s beginning to wear thin’ In recent months, Coleen Nolan has been playing up her fondness for her friend Ruth Langsford’s husband, Eamonn Holmes, during Loose Women , from joining him for lunch dates to holding hands at the theatre – prompting Ruth, 59, to joke Coleen, 54, would be ‘dead to me’ if she ever caught them linking fingers. And after spending the last two years single, since she split from husband Ray Fensome, Coleen recently admitted she fears being left on her own, explaining, ‘I miss romance. I miss kissing. I love kissing. The thought of never kissing someone again is awful. I love hugging too... I miss male company.’ The singer even previously said in jest that she’d run off with Eamonn if Ruth ever…

2 min.
peter stands by bankrupt katie

It’s fair to say things aren’t great for Katie Price right now. The former glamour model – once worth an estimated £45m – was declared bankrupt towards the end of last year, something she blamed on her ex-husband, Peter Andre, 46. During a rush-hour train journey from London to Ebbsfleet in Kent, 41-year-old Katie reportedly told commuters, while swigging from an M&S tinny, ‘I’ve known it’s coming, going bankrupt, because I took him [Peter] to court. He’s the worst person ever.’ But Pete has made it clear he isn’t taking his former wife’s comments personally. In a recent social media Q&A with fans, the Mysterious Girl singer was asked if he and Katie were still in contact. Pete responded, ‘Yes. She is the mother of my children so I will always wish her…

1 min.
katie on pete in 2019

April When discussing her marriages, Katie said, ‘I’m going through my third divorce now. But I believe when you get married, it should be that person forever. The first one, we met in a jungle and it didn’t feel like a real marriage, managers involved and all that.’ May Just two days before the 10th anniversary of their split, Katie tweeted, ‘I had a tough year last year! A person stirred trouble with me and Pete, to which he reacted to protect our children. Yes I said things but I was upset and didn’t mean harm! Me and Pete love each other really lol I’m sorry @mrpeterandre if I hurt you!’ Pete responded, ‘Do you know what. I really appreciate you saying that. Thank you.’ July Claiming that being in the public eye ruined her…

2 min.
richard arnold

Mark Charnock from Emmerdalereveals why Marlon is in the mood for murder… ‘There are triggers inside everyone’ Graham’s dead, with a long list of suspects. Do you think Marlon could commit murder? ‘He feels threatened by Graham’ As far as his children are concerned, all bets are off. They are the defining thing in his life, in the sense that he’s rubbish at relationships but he’s great at being a dad, and when that rug is pulled from beneath him, you’ll find all sorts of darkness underneath. He feels very threatened by the presence of Graham around Rhona and when he finds out what they are planning on doing, it pushes a button that he didn’t know was there. Do you think that’s something we all have inside us? I do. There are triggers inside everyone…