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Published by Time Inc. (UK) Ltd Loved and trusted in equal measure, Woman's Weekly has been the market-leading womens weekly magazine since it was launched 100 years ago.Packed full of inspiring, helpful and useful ideas and information for women who are the heart of their homes and families, it offers a unique mix of practical, compelling and up-to-the minute content.

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hello! a new exciting partnership

This issue we’ve teamed up with Slimming World to bring you a fantastic offer –free membership worth £10! So if you fancy losing a few pounds after the winter, this could be a good place to start. The best thing about Slimming World is that you’re rarely hungry and there are no ‘diet’ foods, instead it’s all tasty recipes that can be scaled down for one, or cooked for all the family. From page 14, you can see the kinds of meals on offer, including burgers, noodles and soups. There are also plenty of treats to choose from too, so you don’t even have to give up wine or cake! Do let me know how you get on... Buy the book! This…

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come on inside!

A word of warning Please could I ask all gardeners and DIYers to take care if spraying their fence this year. Last summer, my next-door neighbour decided to respray her fence. Out of consideration to me, she undertook this task while I was on holiday, so that I wouldn’t be affected by the smell. On my return two weeks later, I was dismayed to find all of the perennials that I had planted in the border against our dividing fence had died. The spray had come through the gaps and knotholes in the panels, coating the plants in lethal liquid. My neighbour was very embarrassed at her error and admitted that she should have popped round first to cover everything. It will take a lot of…

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gardeners’ questions

(PHOTOS: ALAMY, GETTY) Pumpkins are fun to grow Q How do I grow a pumpkin from seed for making Halloween lanterns? Janine Gray, Lancs A Start seeds indoors now, sowing them individually on their sides in small pots of moist seed compost, 2.5cm deep. Place in warmth and cover pots with cling film until seedlings emerge. Grow on under cool, light conditions, but not in bright sun and harden off mid to late spring before planting out. Once the plant has set fruit, select the largest and healthiest and prune off the rest. Pinch out the growing tips two or three leaves beyond the fruit and remove all other shoots and side shoots. Water well and feed weekly with tomato feed. In wet seasons, put straw under…

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mini make snap sunglasses case

YOU WILL NEED ✿ 9 x 32cm of fusible interfacing✿ 12 x 32cm of cotton outer fabric✿ 12 x 42cm of cotton lining fabric✿ Two 7.5cm pieces of 2cm-wide metal tape measure✿ Masking tape✿ Matching thread Note: Always use 1cm seam allowances and put right sides facing, unless otherwise stated 1 CENTRE the fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the outer fabric and fuse together following the maker’s instructions.2 FOLD the two short ends of the lining fabric under by 2cm and press. Position the outer piece on top with wrong sides together and repeat the fold on the lining fabric by 2.5cm, so it folds over the short ends of the outer fabric. Pin and topstitch along the edge of the folded fabric to secure. (CRAFT…

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get in touch

We love letters Woman’s Weekly, 161 Marsh Wall, London E14 9AP.PS It really helps when you put your details in capitals. We do not return photos (apart from You Wore It Well) so please do not send originals. Email us womansweeklypostbag @ti-media.com Tell us your full name, address and daytime phone number, please Fancy a chat? Log on to facebook.com/ womansweekly We can’t wait to hear from you!…

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you wore it well

Jean Chadwick née Barton, 1951 Sent in by her daughter, Hazel Grove This is my mum aged 17 on her first holiday away from Lancashire. She was at Butlin’s Holiday Camp in Skegness. She bought her navy blue and white dress from C&A in Bolton, and wore it with white sling-backs. We’d love to see how great you looked in any era up to and including the 1980s. Please send a good-quality photo with your name, address and daytime phone number clearly written on the back, to: Fashion Dept, Woman’s Weekly, 161 Marsh Wall, London E14 9AP. Photos will be returned.…