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How do you sleep? Apparently I snore. I have yet to see any evidence, but I fear one of these days a video may surface and the proof will be laid bare for all to see. (Or should I say hear?) So, given the level of complaint surfacing in the Fernando household, I read our sleep article with great interest (see p26). Perhaps it’s my rest position that’s causing all the trouble, or maybe the pillow isn’t quite right? Either way, I didn’t realise quite how important the way you snooze is for your health. Speaking of which, make sure you take a look our on p – a salad could look so good and fill you up? A winning combination! Have a great week. If you are staying in and…

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what a week!

SHERIDAN SMITH STILL STRUGGLING? Actor Sheridan Smith has taken a swipe at men after splitting from her fiancé, Jamie Horn. The star, who is still wearing her engagement ring, liked a tweet which read, ‘Men deserve less,’ just weeks after sources revealed she was finding the break-up difficult. Sheridan, 40, and Jamie went their separate ways last month after three years together and they share one-year-old son Billy. ‘Sheridan is struggling to get through the split,’ a source revealed. ‘She put him out there for everyone to see and she really thought he was The One. ‘In her heart she’s hoping they can make it right, but it doesn’t look like there’s any way back. They have a baby together and it’s tough. She’s heartbroken.’ DAVINA ‘ want a plastic surgery holiday’ Davina McCall looks amazing…

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‘i got too skinny’

Like a lot of us, Linda Robson confesses to struggling during the lockdowns, and says she leant on food to get her through. But now that there’s light at the end of the tunnel, Linda, 63, is keen to get fit and healthy again – but promises she won’t go as far as she has in the past. Back in 2018, fans shared their concerns after the actor lost 3st following a strict low-carb, sugar-free, no-alcohol diet. And, months later, after struggling with her mental health, Linda checked into rehab with OCD, alcoholism and depression. Now in a happier place and able to look back, star of Birds of a Feather and Loose Women panellist Linda sees that her extreme weight loss was a reflection of how unwell she was at the…

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what’s really going on?

Whether or not you’re interested in the life of Britney Spears, it’s hard not to sympathise with the singer, 39, right now after the shocking claims she’s made against her father Jamie. You’ll likely remember the harrowing images of Britney from her very public meltdown in 2007 – when she was seen shaving her head and attacking a car with an umbrella in full view of the pack of paparazzi following her every move. Britney was placed under conservatorship in 2008 after being deemed unable to make her own decisions. But what is a conservatorship, and why is Britney now publicly hitting out at Jamie, the man put in place to look after her? Closely monitored Usually reserved for those with dementia or other mental illnesses, a conservatorship sees a guardian appointed to manage…

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diana wouldn’t have allowed this mess

Prince Harry is, in my opinion, deluded if he thinks his royal memoir would have won Diana’s approval. The late princess loved her boys in equal measure and her legacy lives on in them both. She would, no doubt, admire Harry’s courage in following his dream, and marvel at William’s commitment to the family. But it’s hard to imagine Diana ever giving her support to a project that risked damaging William in any way. A book about Harry’s struggles alone represents a huge break with royal protocol. Her Majesty’s mantra of ‘never complain, never explain’ has been turned upside down by Harry and Meghan. Perhaps the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were inspired by the way the late Princess of Wales stood up to the establishment and spoke directly to the public. Like Diana, they…

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mind the gap does age matter in a relationship?

Whether it’s long-distance, open, no-strings-attached or a rebound, over the years society has come to accept a plethora of different relationship styles. But one factor which has seemed to remain constant in the face of an ever-changing dating landscape is our notion of an acceptable age gap that exists within these relationships. In the UK, the average age gap in a couple is just over two years, and studies have found that those who have a gap of more than 10 years experience disapproval from others. So when news transpired that Lady Kitty Spencer, then 27, had embarked on a relationship with then-59-year-old South African millionaire retailer Michael Lewis in summer 2018, after meeting through mutual friends, it appeared to raise a few eyebrows. Despite their 32-year age gap, though, their relationship has…