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November 2019

Womankind is an advertising free publication filled with art, photography, philosophy, psychology, and insights on how to live a more fulfilling life.

United States
The Bull Media Company
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4 Issues


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EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Antonia Case EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Zan Boag ART DIRECTORS Aida Novoa, Carlos Egan COVER ILLUSTRATION Mercedes deBellard ADMINISTRATION Marnie Anderson POET STORE Jessica Davies, Prudence Hardcastle, Jack Suridge WRITERS Lucía Benavides, Nellie Bennett, Meg Bernhard, Niamh Boyce, Stav Dimitropoulos, Amy Egan, Christian Jarrett, Imi Lo, María Díaz del Rio, Jacqueline Winspear ARTISTS Andrea Torres Balaguer, Monica Barengo, Lydia Delgado, Carlos Egan, Álvaro Garriga, Maria Antònia Marquès, Txell Miras, Aida Novoa, Carme Pinós, Ortuzar Projects, Andrea Zarraluqui PHOTOGRAPHERS Anna Baeza, Andrea Torres Balaguer, Elan Fleisher, Fergus Stothart…

1 min.
the wanderer

Editor-in-Chief, Womankind magazine “Wanderer,” once wrote Spanish poet Antonio Machado, “your footsteps are the road, and nothing more.” Machado, one of Spain’s most celebrated poets, was perhaps implying that our life unravels before us, minute by minute, a form of destiny in motion. “Wanderer, there is no road, the road is made by walking.” It’s an interesting way of viewing identity, since most of us tend to think of ourselves - the person we are today - as being quite distinct from the person we might become, as though the two will meet at some distant point in time, but certainly not now. Machado instead seems to suggest that the two are one and the same, or at least share the moment together. “By walking one makes the road, and upon glancing…

1 min.

BE THE FIRST TO RECEIVE WOMANKIND MAGAZINE, DELIVERED TO YOUR HOME OR OFFICE, BY SUBSCRIBING ONLINE NOW. Womankindmag.com is our online portal for articles, challenges, art competitions and events. Want to stock Womankind magazine in your shop? We have generous terms - please contact us via award@womankindmag.com Facebook (womankindmag) Instagram (#womankindmag) Twitter (@womankindmag) If you like Womankind and support our advertising-free ethos, we’d be delighted if you spread the word about us.…

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It’s the one question we’d all like to know the answer to, so we could just get on with it - the living part, that is. If we knew what the ‘good life’ entailed then we could shun the rest, and just concentrate on the important bits. But society has a tendency to derail us. We’re repeatedly told that the good life is about making loads of money, having a successful career, and buying as much as we can possibly shovel into our houses and garages. Some are convinced that they need to be famous and get their name up in lights for the good life to kick in. It’s worth remembering that the phase of flight for the Kunanyia stephaniae butterfly lasts a mere 14 days, long enough for…

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thank you gift

2 -YEAR SUBSCRIPTION As a thank you for taking out a 2-year subscription, you will receive our beautiful fabric-covered Womankind notebook as a free gift. 3 - YEAR SUBSCRIPTION As a thank you for your 3-year subscription to Womankind, you will receive our beautiful fabric-covered notebook and a poet tea canister as a free gift. Terms: Offer valid for 2-and 3-year subscriptions taken out until 1 February 2020. Offer available only to subscriptions delivered to addresses in Australia. If it is a gift subscription the bonus gift will be delivered to the purchaser’s address.…

2 min.
how to bribe yourself

Some people like to think we have two selves, our current self who we have to put up with on a minute-by-minute basis, and our future self, the person waiting in time, which painstakingly metamorphoses as we advance. And it’s suggested that these two selves - your current and future self - are constantly wrestling for supremacy. The palpable larger-than-life self, with well-defined wants, and needs, and a current role to play within the family, workplace, and society-at-large, typically overshadows the poorly defined future self. “Live now,” the current self will say, “don’t live for the future”. Or, “what will come, will come, don’t force it”. Inert and passive, the future self is mostly unresponsive up until the day comes to its close. “You didn’t do anything for me today,”…