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welcome to women’s health

We’re coming to the end of 2019, and what a year it’s been for WH. We launched Women’s Health Live in May, when 6,000 of you joined me and my team at London’s Business Design Centre for three days of wellness talks, workouts and much more. Global fitness star Jillian Michaels got you so excited we had to call security at one point; WH Features Director Nikki Osman conquered her fear of public speaking to host panel discussions on subjects such as overcoming orgasm anxiety; and Digital Editor Amy Lane was living her best life hosting the Sweat studio, where 300 women at a time worked out with the likes of Jessica Ennis-Hill, Alice Liveing and Faisal Abdalla. We’re currently knee-deep in planning next year’s event, and I’ve got some…

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down juice to stave off a hangover

Here you are again, with a packet of frozen smiley faces, two litres of Lucozade and a tongue like a badger’s bum. Festive season, you cruel mistress. At the risk of exacerbating your hangxiety: hangover cures don’t exist. Sorry. But next time you find yourself at the bar tapping your card against a reader shouting ‘tequila is life!’, hear this: knocking back a different kind of elixir could keep a hangover at bay. According to research published in the journal Preventive Nutrition And Food Science, knocking back a juiced mixture of green grape, pear and ashitaba (a kind of Japanese leaf) 30 minutes before and immediately after a sesh can reduce thirst and headache symptoms the next day. We’re talking a fair old measure of booze, too – participants were…

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news you can use

To the better end There’s hope yet for those who list ‘picky eaters’ as their pet peeve on dating apps. New research from the University at Buffalo, New York, shows that repeated exposure to bitter-tasting foods (we’re looking at you, broccoli) alters the make-up of the proteins in your saliva that modulate your sense of taste – so the more you eat a bitter food, the better it gets. Swipe right on that. HOLD THE PHONE If you use a quick scroll of Instagram as respite from your spreadsheets, listen up. According to a new study*, using your phone to take a break from a mentally challenging task doesn’t allow your brain to effectively recharge because your device is too distracting. May we suggest a flick through Women’s Health instead? GOAL DIGGER It’s true what…

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the to-do list

BUY | THIS MEAT ALTERNATIVES from £2.50 in Ocado and Holland & Barrett Riddle us this: what looks like meat, smells like meat, tastes like meat, but contains 0% animal? The THIS range of plant-based meat alternatives. They’re made from soya and peas and contain more protein than tofu. TRY | PLASTIC-FREE PERIODS £14 per period, organicmondays.com Take the planxiety (that’s planet anxiety) out of your periods by signing up for a personalised delivery of sustainable pads, liners and tampons from Mondays Organic. Bloody convenient, we say. READ | NOTHING FANCY by Alison Roman (£22, Hardie Grant Books) The NYT food columnist (and your next Instagram crush) delivers the kind of grub people want when they come over to yours. Easy, tasty food for unexpected weeknight guests and boozy birthday dinners.…

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breathing workouts… are they really worth my while?

Sleeping, eating, socialising, recycling – anything else you’re most likely getting wrong? Depends: how’s your breathing? Bear with. ‘Despite taking on average 30,000 breaths a day, most of us are unaware that we’re doing it poorly,’ says Richie Bostock, aka @thebreathguy. And by poorly, he means engaging all the wrong muscles, typically when you’re wound up and stressed, and truncating the breathing benefits in the process. ‘Using secondary breathing muscles [those found in the neck, shoulders and chest], which are designed for use only in short bursts, sends the body into a stress response,’ he explains. Chronically overactive nervous systems, unsurprisingly, don’t make for days brimming with vitality. Not only that, but suboptimal breathing means less oxygen, so (this is when your biology GCSE comes in handy) cells will struggle…

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asking for a friend

‘We’ll just split it six ways. Everyone cool?’ Usually, yes – you’re not the type to quibble about the bill just because your humble pizza didn’t come topped with ancho chillies and nduja sausage. On the other hand, despite your worthy commitment to staying hangoverfree, you’ve still ended up paying £20 towards a couple of overpriced bottles of Malbec. Really, it’s irksome that your friends haven’t noticed you’re subsidising their penchant for getting lairy in Zizzi on a Tuesday, but in the absence of conscientiousness from them, it’s time to get mouthy. While you could use every top-up op as a chance to highlight your teetotalism (‘Whoops! None for me!), paying your portion of the bill in cash is a subtler way to get the point across. When your mates…