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welcome to women’s health

Before we launched our Project Body Love campaign, we commissioned the biggest piece of research Hearst – Women’s Health’s publisher – has ever undertaken in the area of body confidence. We spoke to thousands of women nationwide, from all walks of life. We already knew that British women’s body confidence was in dire straits. Global research among WH readers in 2018 found that we have the second lowest body confidence in the world, behind Poland. But the severity of some of your descriptions of yourselves was still shocking. Phrases like ‘I hate the way I look’ and ‘I’m disgusting’ were bandied about much more often than any positive sentiments. Only 6% of you agreed with the statement ‘I love my body’. Our findings, which you’ll find on page 112, reflect your thoughts…

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share food to reach a consensus

Won’t you take one for the team and get some garlic dough balls into Parliament? Research from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business has found that negotiators reach decisions faster and collaborate better when they share food off the same plate. In the study, pairs of strangers were asked to role-play a negotiation scenario. Some of the pairs were given a shared plate of snacks, while others were given individual servings (crisps and salsa, since you asked). Those who ate off the same plate reached a consensus faster, regardless of how they felt about each other; and the same was true when the pairs were formed of friends. Researchers suspect that coordination in eating (think: reaching for a crisp at the same time, or maybe slurping up the same…

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the to-do list

READ | WAGAMAMA FEED YOUR SOUL (£20, Kyle Books) out 19 September Cooking: like going out, but with your PJs – and Wagamama’s iconic antioxidant-rich katsu curry – thrown in. Bring the restaurant experience round yours this month. You might earn yourself a good tip. GO | ABERGAVENNY FOOD FESTIVAL 21-22 September abergavennyfoodfestival.com Boasting an entire cheese and wine stage, Abergavenny’s annual Food Festival is set to be nothing short of epic. Go with an empty stomach. KNOW | CHAYOTE Chayote (chai-ow-tee): Space in your heart for another versatile gourd? This Asian variety should squash in nicely. Somewhere between a pumpkin, courgette and a cucumber, it can be roasted, baked, fried, pickled or chowed down raw in a salad.…

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wh at the races

Women’s Health is the proud sponsor of the Run Wales 100 Club – a group of inspiring women who are running the Cardiff Half Marathon on 6 October. WH Editor-In-Chief Claire Sanderson is the group’s ambassador and was blown away when she met them recently for a 5k. ‘These women have never run 13.1 miles before and are so up for it,’ says Claire. ‘Some have incredibly moving stories, having overcome the likes of postnatal depression and meningitis. The camaraderie on our training run was lovely and I can’t wait for us to do the race.’ 28 The percentage of Brits carrying gadgets worth more than £400 while they exercise*. Don’t worry, working out in your Leeds Fest 2012 tee with your iPod tucked into your bra will still trigger endorphins. TMI No…

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are rice cakes healthy?

Depends on what you mean by ‘healthy’ (say the pedants at WH). ‘Rice cakes contain about 30 calories each, which is why they’re marketed as a healthy snack,’ says dietitian Priya Tew. Constituting less than three teaspoons of puffed-up packed-together rice, a rice cake is lower in fat, salt and calories than your average packet of cheese and onion. And, if you have a sensitivity, they’re gluten-free. But, nutritionally speaking, there isn’t a lot to them. ‘Most rice cakes are made from white rice, which is stripped of most of its nutrients and fibre when the husk and bran are removed, so they provide very few vitamins and minerals,’ adds Tew. ‘They’re not a filling snack either, since they’re refined carbs, so they’ll be quickly broken down into glucose, and…

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asking for a friend

And you thought Tinder was a minefield. A post-class smoothie here, a motivational message there, and, before you knew it, you were granting them access to your Google Calendar so they could diarise your three joint sessions a week. Enough already. Whether they’re trying to drag you to spin class at an ungodly hour or they’re the flaky one, no one said anything about until deadlifts do you part. The answer? Ease them into the separation gently by faking an invisible yet incapacitating injury (stress fractures: do your research). Just make sure you don’t run into your soon-to-be-ex-ercise buddy starkers in the changing rooms when you’re sneaking in to work out alone. Share a gym? Get super invested in a class they hate (‘sorry, Krav Maga just soothes me’). Or…