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welcome to women’s health

Alice Liveing was one of the first people I met when I joined Women’s Health in January 2017. She was almost certainly the first influencer I’d ever come across, as she’d just been on her first Women’s Health cover. Full transparency: the whole fitness influencer world was completely new to me three years ago. I’d always been very engaged with health and fitness when it came to my own lifestyle – and a genuine reader and huge fan of WH – but I didn’t use social media, namely Instagram, as anything other than a tool for keeping in touch with old school friends. Then I met Alice – all big blue eyes, even bigger blonde hair and a welcoming, warm, genuine demeanour that makes you think you’re the most important person…

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catch early-bird workouts for boosted fat burn

Does the thought of even half a banana before your morning 5k make you want to vom into the nearest wheelie bin? You’re in luck. Research published in the Journal Of Clinical Endocrinology And Metabolism has found that working out before breakfast is the way to go formaximum fat burn. Scientists divided 30 overweight or obese men (women are next in line for research, FYI) into two groups. Over six weeks, the group who worked out on an empty stomach burned double the amount of fat than the group who ate breakfast first – a result researchers attributed to their lower insulin levels(high levels inhibit the breakdown of fat cells) after fasting overnight, which meant they burned stored fat as fuel. Interestingly, the fasted workouts didn’t result in more weight…

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news you can use

It takes two Chronic deliberators, listen up. Psychologists at the University of Basel may have discovered the key to making quick decisions: narrowing your choices down to two. The study found that when participants focused on just two out of three foods on offer, they came to a decision faster – the easier it was to discount the worst option, the quicker they could decide between the remaining ones. Now, flake or no flake? OFFICE LOL-ITICS Slapping on a fake smile at work could be holding you back in the long run, according to research* that suggests that those who try hard to be genuinely positive with their colleagues reap the benefits, such as receiving more support from co-workers, making better progress on work goals and being less prone to emotional exhaustion. Find…

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the to - do list

WATCH | LONDON MARATHON 2020 26 April, BBC 2019’s winner Brigid Kosgei will be lacing up to defend her title, this time armed with a new world record after her epic two hours, 14 minutes and four seconds in Chicago last October. Catch her if you can. EAT | BURGUNDY BROCCOLI £1 per 200g pack, selected supermarkets Meet your new best brassica. Burgundy Broccoli is a whole-head purple broccoli that’s so tender, you can eat every bit, meaning less waste and a pop of colour Prince would be proud of. READ | CAN RUN by Amy Lane (£14.99, Yellow Kite), out 16 April Women’s Health’s very own Digital Editor has penned a handbook for all prospective pavement pounders. Anyone who’s ever thought they couldn’t run, consider this your guide to getting going.…

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why do i crave junk food after a sleepless night?

​What is it about a night spent tossing and turning that makes you want to mainline pizza? A recent study by Northwestern University in the US claims it’s all in the nose. ‘Earlier research shows that lack of sleep increases the blood levels of compounds called endocannabinoids,’ explains Dr Surabhi Bhutani, assistant professor at San Diego State University and lead author of the study. ‘These compounds act on the same parts of the brain as cannabis, making the consumption of high-calorie foods more enjoyable and smells appear more intense.’ The study saw its sleep-deprived participants – each running on four hours’ kip – choosing the highest-calorie foods at a free buffet provided by the researchers. Scans showed that their brain’s smell processing region was working overtime and sharpening food odours…

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how likely am i to actually wee myself during sex?

Well, how likely are you to wee yourself generally? Sex itself shouldn’t cause leakage more than, say, jumping on a trampoline or belly lols. When you wee, muscles in the bladder wall contract, forcing urine into the urethra, while muscles surrounding the urethra relax, giving you that blissful feeling of release. Spasms of the bladder muscles, or weakening of the muscles surrounding the urethra, can lead to incontinence when the bladder is placed under pressure – such as when you have sex. However, doing Kegels – one way of doing them is to stop your wee halfway through, holding it, then resuming – can build your pelvic floor strength. If you’ve observed damp patches on the sheets during sex, you could be one of those women who ejaculate – squirting,…