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January 2022

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Happy new year! Now bear with me, as I go all PE teacher on you. This January I’m setting you all a task. Please arrange yourselves, if you will, into three glorious groups of women. I’m going to call you A, B and The A-group. Move yourself here if you’re going to be setting yourself a new goal this year with your running – whether that’s a race, or a pace, or a fundraising target. Marvellous. Well done you. You already know how we can support you with that. The B-group. Stand in this circle if your running has taken a bit of a back seat in 2021 because of injury or illness or life generally, and you want to motivate yourself to start running again because you know exactly how wonderful…

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we couldn’t have done it without…

Louise Pyne Louise has been a qualified nutritionist since 2012. With a special interest in women’s wellbeing, Louise works with clients to get to the root of health issues to help restore optimum wellness. She is also a freelance health journalist and writes for a range of national publications about health and wellbeing. This issue, in time for Veganuary, she investigates plant-powered running on page 84. Rachel Ifans Rachel has been running for years; the picture shows her first post Covid race; it was called Escape Lockdown and it was a joyful, sunny, muddy, hilly springtime run. Despite saying she’s all about the trails from now on, she’s just signed up for the Brighton Marathon which makes no sense at all. This issue she dived into tech, and worked out which apps are…

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womens running

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A FORCE OF NATURE 05-year-old Julia Hawkins sets 100m sprint world record! Congratulations to 105-year-old Julia ‘Hurricane’ Hawkins who has set a new world record in her age group in the 100m sprint. Despite setting a new world record of 1:02:95, Julia was disappointed not to go sub-60 seconds at the Louisiana Senior Games. Having started competing in the National Senior Games in the USA aged 80, Julia decided to take up sprinting when she turned 100. She set a world record in the 100m for women over the age of 100 in 2017, with 39.62. Hawkins’ determination and message – that you must stay active to stay healthy and happy when you’re older – shows us all that age really is just a number. 1 in 5 The number of adults who don’t…

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new gear

Wham Bam! BAM’s Enduro leggings are very popular – and for good reason. They’re supremely soft and seriously comfortable with a deep waistband and bum sculpting. And with bamboo’s heat regulating properties, we’re talking technology and luxury at a really fair price. £55, bambooclothing.co.uk Un-clammy double whammy Cold hands? The clever technology in the Sealskinz Waterproof All Weather Lightweight Glove with Fusion Control (boy, that’s a mouthful!) gives you a guaranteed water-and-windproof glove that is still breathable, so your hands don’t sweat. £55, sealskinz.com I think I’m in love! Is it a slipper or a shoe? Let’s not get hung up on definitions, guys… just slip on the Keen Howser II after a run and feel your toes spread out, your soles relax into the supportive memory foam footbed and your tootsies toast in the microfleece lining.…

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stop getting nausea on my longer runs?

Running-induced nausea is when you feel sick during a run or shortly afterwards; some people also vomit. There are numerous reasons why this can happen. “Common causes include fatigue, low blood sugar levels, dehydration, digestive issues such as IBS or reflux, eating the wrong foods or eating immediately before running,” explains Michelle Sanchez, a naturopath, nutritionist and medical herbalist. When you go for a run, your body dramatically increases blood flow to your heart and leg muscles, and in doing so, it reduces blood flow to your digestive organs. This slows down the body’s ability to digest food efficiently and can trigger nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain, especially if you eat too close to going for a run. “Some runners adversely react to the high concentration of sugars (glucose or fructose) in…