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You South Africa 26-Sep-19

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you say

EVERY so often you get a gift so great, it’s almost indescribable. I’ve been fortunate enough to be given one of those – from next week I’ll be on sabbatical from which I’ll return next year. I’m going to do plenty of reading and catching up on series, I’ll spend time with my family and friends, do a bit of cooking and baking, finish a crossword or two and generally take time out to think and do things I don’t get to do now. It’s hard to imagine not being here though – I’m going to miss being in the thick of things and working on this incredible brand! The good thing about being away, of course, is I get to be a reader, enjoying the fantastic content. No doubt deputy editor Nicola Whitfield…

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stay in touch

THE expression “life is short” may be a cliché but it’s nevertheless very true. Many of us have lost someone dear to us. And the older you get, the greater the number becomes. When your phone rings after hours you dread that it may be bad news. Several years ago at my father-in-law’s funeral my husband’s cousin, many years his junior, commented on how much time had passed since he’d last seen us. He lamented the fact that people no longer keep in touch and commented on how sad it was that families seem to meet only at funerals. He said he didn’t want that to happen to us. His exact words were,“Let’s not see each other only at funerals”, words that came back to haunt us as the next funeral we attended was…

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DEMERITS IN THE REAL WORLD How will demerits apply when fines are sent to the owner of the vehicle who may not have been the one driving when the infringement took place (YOU, 12 September)? Family members use each other’s cars, company cars and trucks, taxis and so on. Police would have to stop the cars in order to get details and hand the fine to the actual driver, otherwise a lot of innocent people will receive demerits with no recourse. Also, since when does notifying someone via social media constitute a legal form of delivering a serious document? LESLEY S, JOHANNESBURG ROBBED OF SO MUCH JOY After reading Miché/Zephany’s story (YOU, 29 August) I feel very angry about what Levona did to Celeste Nurse. She deprived a young mother of her firstborn whom she’d carried…

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stop violence against women

The ongoing scourge of sexual crimes and femicide in our country makes me nauseous. I’d like to express my heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Uyinene Mrwetyana (YOU, 19 September). In most incidents of sexual violence against women there’s always a group of people passing half-baked opinions. They pose questions such as what was she wearing when she was raped? Was she walking alone? Was it dark outside? Uyinene was raped in broad daylight and she wasn’t wearing anything “provocative”. Society must understand this: women aren’t raped because they were drinking, because of their clothes or because they weren’t careful enough. Honestly speaking, standing up and claiming that I am a man leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. How do I claim the full right of my manhood when my fellow…

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in brief

I read the story of the Oceanos (YOU, 22 August) with interest. As a travel agent I took a trip to Athens and a cruise around six Greek Islands in 1987 on the ship. In August 1991 my friend and I were booked on the next coastal trip on her. One day my friend phoned me and said, “Quickly, turn on the TV.” I was horrified to see the Oceanos sinking. A dreadful end to a beautiful ship. MARGARET, SMS What a clever short story in the 12 September issue. Read Me by Ali Loconte kept me intrigued from start to finish. HAPPY READER, SMS To Miss Independent, the reader with cerebral palsy who wrote in complaining about people offering to help her (YOU Say, 12 September), next time I feel or show concern…

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treat yourself

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