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You South Africa 6/4/2020

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THE rain has been pelting away relentlessly all day – winter is well and truly here in the Mother City. It made me think of all the panic and preparations put in place by the City of Cape Town as the dreaded Day Zero loomed not that long ago and how we managed to escape that particular disaster. Now here we are again, with Cape Town the epicentre of the coronavirus crisis. There’s panic and preparations once again – but this time there’s no escaping what’s to come. It’s hard to predict what the next few weeks will bring but there’s no doubt it will be tough. Healthcare services are preparing for ICU beds to be filled with alarming speed as more people return to work. And there’s no telling how long it will…

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THE VALUE OF MINDFULNESS I’M WRITING this letter on day 54 of lockdown in response to the valid points made by Caitlin Trollip in her letter (YOU Say, 21 May). I agree that the importance of consistently reinforcing how awesome our children are – especially during this isolated and uncertain lockdown period – can’t be underestimated. Continuous mindfulness will ensure that we’re gentle with ourselves and our children. But this is no easy feat for parents in a period where fear of job losses and income could lead to emotional outbursts and irrational behaviour. Children are currently bearing the brunt of these extraordinary circumstances. There are those who have to cope in households where there’s escalating domestic violence. Apart from having to witness constant arguing and bickering, children may also become unseen, unheard and…

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how life has changed

I must be one of the few who’s actually enjoying lockdown! No, I don’t need the white coats to come and take me away. I’m a 73-year-old pensioner who’s enjoying the quiet. No cars going up and down the road. At the top of the street there’s a school standing empty, so that adds to the quiet. No planes flying overhead, and so on. I’ve done more baking, cleaning and knitting than I’ve managed in years. Having always been a voracious reader I have a huge pile of books that I’m wading through. After the first week I noticed I felt more relaxed than I had in years, then I realised it was because it was quiet. My husband has been building his models and been on Facebook. I think he was…

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in brief

Alcohol restrictions have greatly increased the abuse of women and children so don’t always blame alcohol. The only good news is the road deaths are lower. JUST SAYING, SMS I’m so sick of the gloom and doom dished up on TV. All you see over and over are nose and mouth swabs being taken. Give us a break. There must be some good news out there. DEE, PIETERMARITZBURG Thanks for the best magazine in South Africa and a million thanks for spoiling us with extra puzzles. It’s greatly appreciated and has sure helped me pass the time. What a thoughtful idea! MARLENE, EDENVALE Just as the department of health distributes free condoms in public places, it should also manufacture and distribute free masks to poor people. The money spent on those masks will be far less…

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dishes for two!

Cooking for a family of two without wasting ingredients can be a problem, but with YOU Cook for Two it’s as easy as pie! We supply weekly menus specifically developed so there’s no wasted food. And the dishes are so good: how about pulled pork tortillas, lamb potjie or butter chicken? You’ll also find a handy shopping list for each week to save you time, effort and money on your next grocery run. There are also recipes for freezer-friendly bulk cooking so you’ll have a quick meal at hand. Get your copy in stores now.…

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from loss to hope

HE’S always been the stoic one – serious, sombre and somewhat in the background as the spotlight shines brightly on his wife and kids. Yet every so often there are glimpses of a warm, loving man, especially when his young brood are about. There’s been a hug for George here, a cuddle for Charlotte there and a look of love for little Louis as he discovers something new to share. But mostly Prince William has maintained his stiff upper lip in public – until now. The Duke of Cambridge opens up in a new documentary, Football, Prince William and our Mental Health, sharing some of his most personal revelations yet. Parenthood is “one of the most amazing moments of life – but also one of the scariest,” he says in a conversation…