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You South Africa 7/9/2020

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You has a simple recipe for success – spoil your readers and give them exactly what they want. It’s part of everyday life for more than 2 million English-speaking South Africans, filled with excellent articles which interest, inform and touch readers. There are human dramas, medical and scientific discoveries, general interest news, consumer issues, fashion and glamour. And don’t forget the interesting fiction, sport, motoring news, craftwork, recipes, home and school projects, crosswords and exciting competitions. It’s an irresistible combination, and everything is presented in a well-finished, colourful magazine.

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you say

COVID-19 has certainly been an eye-opener, showing us how easily we take things for granted. Being able to exercise whenever we want, have our favourite drink and get to work without being stopped by the authorities – these are all things many of us appreciate so much more now that we know what it’s like not to have them. It’s also made us appreciate our loved ones a lot more. I’ve heard so many devastating stories of people who can see their elderly parents only from a distance, through the bars of a facility. And others who weren’t able to say goodbye to loved ones who were ill. And people who can’t visit their newly born grandchildren or kids they haven’t seen in years because long-planned trips have been cancelled. The story of Barry…

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LET’S LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER RECENTLY I accidentally dialled the number of a friend I haven’t talked to in a while. When she answered I asked her how she was. Turns out she’d just lost her job and was going through a hard time. I was going through difficulties as well. We encouraged each other and she later texted me to say that before the call she’d felt lost and alone, but that now she felt better. I felt encouraged too. Because of the pandemic and lock-down most of us are going through a lot and from that call I’ve learnt it’s important to keep checking up on one another. You don’t know what a simple call or text can do for another person. Some things might be small to you but completely life-changing…

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it’s your time!

Planning your retirement can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be a cause of grey hair. YOU Retirement is the perfect tool to help you make the most of this exciting new chapter. We spoke to financial advisers, property experts, nutritionists and savvy retirees to give you the keys to plan a happy retirement. There are recipes and tips to help you eat right and get moving, and advice on how to downscale as well as on dealing with loneliness. Get your copy in digital format from magzter.com.…

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until we meet again

I recently lost my beautiful sister to cancer. We weren’t able to see her as she lived in the UK and because of Covid-19 we were unable to travel. We couldn’t be at her side as she took her last breath. We could only send voice notes to her that were played by her fiancé in her final minutes. The cruelty of it all made me angry and bitter but as the days have passed I’ve realised that Renee was only on loan to us. She was never meant to stay forever. She had a job to do on Earth and her work was done. Her job was to teach us to love unconditionally, with no regrets and no judgment. She taught us to forgive, as life is too short and precious…

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in brief

Thank you for the interview with Marian Keyes (YOU, 25 June). I love her books and have read every single one of them. I’ve already ordered Grown Ups. VEE, ROODEPOORT To Best Pals (YOU Say, 25 June), my friend and I met in Sunday school 78 years ago. We’re both turning 84 this year and are still in contact. MAXI, DURBANVILLE Just read Best Pals’ letter. Well, my friend and I are entering our 65th year and we’re still best pals. FRIENDS FOREVER, SMS I fully agree with the SMS regarding the selling of liquor (YOU Say, 18 June). Stick to the old days and hours (exclude Saturday afternoons, close on Sundays). This will spread the rush with fewer people cramming to beat the new restrictions. DAYS OF YORE, SMS In times like these why do some people…

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mother’s little angel

HIS name has become synonymous with scandal and disgrace thanks to his friendship with American paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Queen Elizabeth’s second-eldest son Prince Andrew (60) is a figure of almost universal derision – and the saga continues unabated as US authorities seek his cooperation in the investigation into the late Epstein’s den of depravity. Now into the fray comes a sensational new book, Prince Andrew: Epstein and the Palace by British writer Nigel Cawthorne, which delves into the life of the man widely acknowledged to be his mother’s favourite son. In this fascinating extract, Andrew’s childhood and youth are unpacked – years of privilege, plenty and popularity. And overriding everything was Andrew’s attitude of superiority and entitlement. BOY WONDER Born on 19 February 1960, Andrew was a handful from the beginning. His nanny called him…