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Home & Garden
Your Garden

Your Garden

Spring 2016

Your Garden magazine offers readers a complete gardening experience. From tips to sowing seeds to information on the latest gardening tools and equipment, we provide content that is suitable for the aspiring gardener, whether they are a beginner or expert. With more pages dedicated to gardening than any other Australian magazine, Your Garden offers readers a full season of reading and inspiration.

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In this issue

1 min.
a word from the editor

Spring is all about promise – new leaves unfurling, shoots pushing their way up through the soil, buds bursting into flower. It’s a great time to sit back and let nature take over while you enjoy the show (especially after all the work you no doubt put in over autumn and winter). But it’s also a time of inspiration, when you can think about what new gardening projects you’d like to tackle in the following seasons. Perhaps you’ve thought about starting a vegie garden but don’t think you have the time, or maybe you’ve been wanting to create your own Victorian-style terrarium but aren’t quite sure where to start. Or it could be that you’d like to transform your garden into a paradise for pollinators. Well, you lucky things, we’ve got…

2 min.
connected with your garden

POT PLANTS This 1939 Vauxhall was on our property when we moved here 30 years ago. Last year, my husband and son dragged it into the garden so I could plant it up with succulents for some junk art. Hubby added the bumper bars and licence plate. It’s a work in progress and shows how anything can be used to pot plants in. Julie Mellor, Young, NSW BLISS OUT I’m continually amazed with the peace and magic of the natural world I find in my garden. Barbara Allen, Gelorup, WA HE’S ALWAYS HERE During the dull, wet and cold days of winter, my alyssum (below) is like a carpet of snow. My husband, who passed away last year, sowed the seeds many years ago and they self-seed year after year. Our garden was his pride and joy,…

2 min.
spring calendar

September 17-October 16 Floriade, ACT Spring in Canberra means Floriade. And it’s back bigger and better than ever. See amazing displays of tulips, as well as gorgeous annuals, attend workshops and masterclasses, and enjoy night-time lighting spectacles, amazing food and premium wines. Plus there’s kids’ entertainment and even a special Dog’s Day Out. Visit floriadeaustralia.com October 15-30 The Art of Botanical Illustration: A New Direction, Melbourne, Vic This exhibition of modern botanical illustrations showcases the beauty of nature with scientific precision. See for yourself at Domain House Gallery from 10am to 4pm daily. November 5-6 Bank House open garden, Newlyn, Vic Visit this stunning private garden that combines a formal structure and romantic plantings. Tickets are $10, and proceeds go to the help fund the work of the Friends of Wombat Hill Botanic Gardens, Daylseford. Visit myopengarden.com.au September 23-25 Springtime on…

3 min.
it’s a spring thing

Main attraction The saying, if you’ve got it, flaunt it is never truer than in late winter and early spring when the buds of blossom trees burst into flower. These plants are real seasonal show-offs, and if you’ve got the space for one in your garden, it’s worth giving it the room to be a hero for those few weeks a year when it’s at its brilliant best. Think you don’t have space? Turn the page – we might be able to change your mind. When we talk about blossoms, we’re usually referring to the flowers of fruit trees including peach, pear, plum, cherry, almond, apple, quince and related plants. But we’ve used a little bit of licence here. Blossoms are beautiful but fleeting – generally speaking, each individual tree blooms for only…

5 min.
heard it through the grapevine

Drinking in the ambience with a glass of hand-crafted pinot noir, Saturday afternoon couldn’t really get any better. And there’s no more remarkable place to properly appreciate the outdoors than at Ocean Eight Winery’s delicious cellar door and public gardens. Set on a hillside in Shoreham, Victoria, there’s no denying the grandeur of this garden, but the way the formal and informal elements blend seamlessly into the surrounding bush is testament to good design and the vision of landscape designer Robert Boyle. Turning into the property from an understated dirt road, is like stepping into the Tardis. From the familiar roadside vegetation of the Mornington Peninsula, once you pass the gate, you are suddenly transported to the English countryside where everything is manicured and contoured to perfection. The dual-carriage driveway, lined by…

5 min.
east meets west

Combine elements of Eastern and Western food and you’ve got ‘fusion cuisine’. “Well,” says, Dominic Wong of Chinoiserie B&B in Mittagong, NSW, “you could say my garden is a fusion garden, a mix of European and Chinese styles. That’s why I chose the name Chinoiserie.” Dominic and his partner Chris Styles moved to the Southern Highlands 17 years ago, mostly because Dominic wanted a bigger garden, one that was in a cooler climate where he could grow his beloved peonies. He’d already won prizes for the cottage-style garden surrounding his California bungalow in Ashbury, Sydney, “which even included the nature strip”, he says. “I just ran out of room.” The search led him to Mittagong in the Southern Highlands where he found a 4500-square-metre vacant block, 10 times the size of his Ashbury…