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Zigzag July 2019

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Zigzag is one of South Africa's oldest niche titles, and the third longest running surf magazine in the world. For more than four decades we've been delivering surf journalism of the highest quality, stunning surf imagery and world class magazine production values.

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3 min.
editor’s note

I immediately sensed something was wrong. I could hear him shouting at me from 100 metres away. His significant frame blocked out the dipping sunset, muscular forearms more suited to a lock forward than a paddle skier, furiously beating the paddle gripped in his thick paws to get down the Elands point as quickly as possible. He was heading directly for me. This apex predator perched atop a Goat Boat was about to end my session, and quite possibly my life. He dropped the paddle and gripped me violently around the neck. Every sense, every faculty was now red lining. I could smell my own fear, feel the adrenaline spiking, hear the shortness in my shallow breath, taste the dry spit in my mouth and see the deep, unforgiving black pits…

4 min.
going postal

JAPAN HAS A PLAN FOR ECO BOARDS Hello, I am Naohiko Shindoh from Japan. I read the article of environment in your website and want to introduce my idea to you. I designed and made ‘surfboards with less plastic’. I hope this can be a small light to solve the environmental problems. The idea arose from the thinking that it would be good if the plastic waste on the beach was made of materials that could be broken down into soils as much as possible. The materials are mainly Japanese paper, cardboard and Styrofoam. First we make a core and cut and shape it into a surfboard. By getting rid of the Styrofoam, it has a hollow structure. Then it is laminated with Japanese paper and resin, next we add glass fibre cloth. By adding…

1 min.
points of difference

Being a surfer in Cape Town is an uncompromising endeavour. There’s no middle ground, only a hard line. If you don’t man up to the elements, at some stage, you’re probably going to stop surfing all together. Gale force winds, bull kelp, water cold enough to cyrogenically freeze you and sharks bigger than minibus taxis. Brendon Gibbens sizes up to the harsh realities of another day in the Deep South. ©FOXFlip the page for a different perspective. It’s all in the eyes. Skilled surfers know where they are going on a wave by watching it unfurl down the line. There’s never a doubt as to where they’ll end up. Next time a good surfer flies past you, take a moment to gauge their focus on what’s happening ahead of them. It’s…

2 min.
pokémon of the sea

These underwater teddy bears may look adorable, but their detachable penises and deadly toxins suggest otherwise. Meet the nudibranch, a tiny sea slug that looks like it would be more at home in a Japanese cartoon than clinging to the reef. These creatures are soft-bodied, colourful, and pretty damn adorable. There’s even a whole craze amongst scuba divers to spot and identify as many different nudibranchs on every dive, like collecting underwater Pokémons. But don’t be fooled by their cute, rainbow exterior. Nudibranchs are badass. Straight up alien when it comes to aesthetics, you can find these mini, squidgy, flamboyant creatures all over the globe inhabiting every ocean from the Arctic to the tropics. Some even live in hydrothermal vents, basking in sulfates so dank they’ll burn the lips off your face. Unlike…

3 min.
don't be a doos

Andy Marr is basically a smile in a wetsuit. At least that’s what I remember of the days paddling out at big Dunes, trying not to get pinched between the Atlantic and the sandbar and seeing this big grin paddling towards me to say howzit. That’s Andy Marr in his happy place. The heaving Dune. Friendly, affable, stoked you made it. Hooting you into and out of waves. Cackling maniacally with the uncontained joy and excitement of the whole experience. There’s no jostling with Andy, if you want the next wave, just call it. If it’s his, you’ll know. And when it’s on, he is too. In the last decade he’s paddled some of the heaviest water the South Atlantic has kotched up on Cape Town’s reefs. No stickers on…

2 min.
the end less bummer

Sea levels are rising, pesticides and nutrients used in agriculture are depleting the oceans of oxygen, industrial discharge, sewage and other runoff is altering its chemistry, fish stocks are being pillaged…. and then there’s still the issue of plastic. In fact, there’s such an ass tonne of plastic in the ocean that even the salt you season your food with has traces of plastic in it. Plastic is literally leaving a bad taste in your mouth. Micro-plastics are defined as plastic bits smaller than 5mm. These synthetic speckles originate from a range of sources including bigger plastic debris that has broken down into smaller bits, exfoliants from health and beauty products to fibres from your activewear. This durable, non-biodegradable flotsam varies from the size of polystyrene beads to microscopic nanoparticles small…