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Wouldn't it be cool to have a mag in your hands that represents everything great about a Friday night out with your mates? Well, you can, it's here in the form of ZOO magazine! Every week our team brings you: - Football, banter, the world's sexiest women! - Gags, gossip, gaming! - Injuries, sport, movies! ZOO is the planet's best-selling men's weekly magazine. It's all about the things that bring men together, the things that make us proud to say we're normal blokes...

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rosie and holly’s busty pool party

Sometimes less is more. Michelin-star chefs know it, and now we think we’ve bought into the idea too, thanks largely to the stunning bikini efforts of ZOO favourites Rosie Jones and Holly Peers. We caught up with the perky pair in Ibiza, frolicking around by the pool. But despite a plethora of balls, paddles and lilos for the naughty twosome to play with, they were both far more interested in peeling off each other’s bikinis and rubbing sun lotion on each other’s scorching hot bodies. Frankly, we can’t blame them. “Sometimes, I just can’t help myself,” admitted Rosie. “Holly’s got such amazing boobs that I couldn’t wait to whip her top off when we got to the pool. I even tried to pull her pants down to get a look at her…

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bond goes rogue!

BOND OFF THE BOOKS? Whatever Bond is getting up to in Mexico City at the start of the trailer, it’s clear from his tense exchange with M (Ralph Fiennes) that MI6 didn’t sanction it. Later, he’s colluding with Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) and Q (Ben Whishaw) to secure classified information, and a field kit. This would suggest 007 is not only temporarily suspended from duty, but also working covertly off the books, in his attempts to uncover the truth behind the mysterious organisation SPECTRE. BLOFELD! (MAYBEÉ) Short of holding a white cat, we’ve had another big clue that Franz Oberhauser (Christoph Waltz) is, in fact, legendary Bond baddie Blofeld. As we’ve seen before, he chairs a shadowy council of SPECTRE members, but now he’s also seen in a high-tech subterranean HQ, lined with rows…

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mourinho and wenger’s couples therapy!

Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger have been at each other’s throats as long as ZOO can remember. Last season, things turned violent on the touchline. As they go head-to-head in the showpiece season opener, it’s anyone’s guess what might happen next. So ZOO has hauled in highly-experienced therapist Michael Kallenbach to explore the duo’s deep-seated problems and whether the warring bosses can ever settle their differences (or at least put them aside until after Wembley…) PETTY SQUABBLES From trivial jabs to controversial transfers… OUR EXPERT SAYS “They’re like siblings who can’t stop fighting in front of mum and dad (the papers), as if they didn’t get enough attention and now they’re vying to get the best headline. They can make a choice not to exchange insults. Regular sessions are a way to settle…

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cooking up a storm!

HI, CHRIS. TELL US ABOUT YOUR ROLE IN THE RAF? I’m a chef, so our job is to feed the troops on a day-to-day basis. We cook for everyone, from senior officers to the airman on squadrons. WHAT MEALS DO YOU PREPARE? From 5am, we’ll make sure breakfast is served. That includes a full English and a continental option. At lunchtime, we have around eight choices like soups and sandwiches, while evening meals tend to be varied, three-course meals. We also have special themed nights for big calendar events, like The Battle Of Britain and St George’s Day. WHAT ROLES ARE THERE IN THE KITCHEN? It’s demanding, but very rewarding. We’re expected to feed the guys on time and to a high standard. We also do the ordering for the kitchen, stock checks and make…

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the facts

As a chef in the RAF, you could be feeding a hungry squadron one day and catering for the Queen the next. Does it get any more diverse than that? JOINING AGE 16-30 OPEN TO Males & females USUAL SERVICE Twelve years SALARY £14,637 during training, £18,125 after apprenticeship NATIONALITY UK citizen or dual UK/other nationality QUALIFICATIONS Unqualified chef: No GCSE requirements Qualified chef: Eligible for Fast Track Promotion. You should have two to three years of suitable experience working as a chef/cook in a hotel, restaurant, hospital or industrial canteen, or other catering establishment (not fast food). No GCSE requirements, but you need to have one of the following: NVQ Level 2/3 in a food-related subject RESIDENCY Even if you weren’t born in the UK, you should have resided here for the five years preceding your application…

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other tossers

Axe slinging These burly blokes are not to be messed with as more than 100 modern-day Vikings compete against each other by lobbing axes as far as they can in Estonia. Welly wanging The world championships take place annually in Upperthong, Yorkshire – although the Finnish are better at it, with Teppo Luoma holding the record at almost 64 metres. Haggis hurling The World Haggis Hurling Championships take place in Scotland as part of the Burns Night celebrations, with this year’s top hurler, Garry McLay, launching it 190ft! Custard pie pitching Dressed as superheroes and fairies, teams head to Coxheath, Kent, to cover each other in custard for the annual World Custard Pie Championship!…